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^thank you, sanity restorer
Only on Mondays. Thankfully, I have Neo's helpful messages to get me through those dark times.
I know. I was just playing along. Should have added a smiley.
Yeah, its gonna be a slog. I don't know, something about that Houston game gave me a sliver of hope. Maybe it was seeing Pau and Dwight play well together.
Wow, way to shit on your franchise icon
Wouldn't that make him more likely to be German?
So am I crazy to think the Lakers might have a chance to knock off the Spurs?
Even for a miserable cunt like you, this is a new low.
Its entirely possible your SO descended from the person I used to take care of....
Without getting too nerdy, I think you could safely say 6 or 7 out of 10.
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