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^thank you, sanity restorer
Only on Mondays. Thankfully, I have Neo's helpful messages to get me through those dark times.
I know. I was just playing along. Should have added a smiley.
Yeah, its gonna be a slog. I don't know, something about that Houston game gave me a sliver of hope. Maybe it was seeing Pau and Dwight play well together.
Wow, way to shit on your franchise icon
So am I crazy to think the Lakers might have a chance to knock off the Spurs?
Even for a miserable cunt like you, this is a new low.
Its entirely possible your SO descended from the person I used to take care of....
Without getting too nerdy, I think you could safely say 6 or 7 out of 10.
No. You'd need plus. Regular only works on computers.
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