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Like. But they're hard to wear for me since its usually 85+ down here.ooooh, i've always wanted to smell like a cadbury egg
again, ouch. nothing like a wax every time you're gonna deadlift.
most likely. its been a while though. could be man. could be woman. who knows what i got up to in my younger years?
I remember Nissan's being a picky lot back then. Lots of age related mechanical problems. I think you might be better off with Honda, Acura, or Toyota. Having said that, this might be a perfect opportunity to low ball the guy and see what he says. Especially if you're coming with cash. What's the swing for the Sentra in the analysis?
I remember hating the shit out of this. Might have to give it another shot.
shut up, fatty
why let her see it then? rookie mistake.
Nice. Although the side plate of salmon is a little odd. Why not just serve 2 pieces each?
Man, if I keep losing weight and Charly keeps gaining it, he's going to take the crown as resident fatty.
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