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Stick a fork in us, we're done. D'Antoni needs to be canned. This is an absolutely pathetic performance.
Foodguy, or someone else who follows the Lakers - now that the Cavs have hired Brown, does that mean that the Lakers have to keep paying him still? I can't seem to find this out over the interwebz.
Wow, this is a depressing day in comic movie land
Where do I own this shirt? I MUST OWN THIS SHIRT!
That's GOT to be a fake. Tell me that's photoshopped.
The both of you should just shut the fuck up already. Because no one, and I mean NO ONE, is in any way interested in reading all this stupid bullshit. If you want to have a personal conversation, do it over PM.
Lowered the price on this again.
Lowered the price on this again.
Any Black Orchid?
The Archimede has been sold. Lowered the price on the Oris by $100. WAY less than I paid for it now.
New Posts  All Forums: