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  Ditto. Love the look of vintage longwings, but I'd much rather spend the $20 on a reheel than take a spill. Not real clear on the appeal of the v-cleat...
^ Amazing! Can't even recall seeing one good belt... let alone 250 NWT. 
Learning so much from the finds these past few weeks... hopefully traffic for Halloween doesn't slow things down!   Hermes Tie - Available        Allen Edmonds - 8.5 D - Available     
^ My wife sent me a text... to this effect, "Something really strange happened with the item we have on ebay. It just jumped from 10 views to 200+ in just a few hours."   My first thought, PUT THIS ON!! Checked. Sure enough featured item and the traffic was unlike any thing I have ever experienced - close to 100 watchers, not views - watchers... Great to see Jesse and his team build something so successful! 
Wow! Thanks! You really know your stuff.. Really appreciate the info. 
Found this today and all I could think of was... "I need the Spoo signal!"  What are your thought's professor Spoo?        
Picked a Hugo Boss for Barney's wool overcoat in great condition. Size 44 Regular. Available     [[SPOILER]]
  Ha! Must admit I was a little worried there would be a comment or two aimed at you... Glad you are such a good sport! 
Finally found a recent Hickey Freeman, too bad it's a boys size 6! Available               
Brooks Brothers leather portfolio/briefcase... love the patina on this... Vintage leather briefcase - no brand listed.
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