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Hi mat135ta,   Order from the grey coloured MOP buttons (bottom right in image) from set #5   8 x 15mm 3 x 20mm   Thanks!
So I've currently have Samuelsohn MTM suits (and really like the construction) but I see Coppley has way more fabric selection and what looks like some very high end Zegna fabric available.   Would you guys still go with Samuelsohn if Coppley had a higher quality fabric?   I pulled the trigger on a Coppley fabric I really really liked and think I will be waiting until February when the new 2013 Samuelsohn fabrics come out and see if there's something nice.
  I did that but my RRSPs suck on returns (maybe you can suggest a better banker) - defer your taxes and lose your purchasing power or get taxed to pay off the mortgage & maybe buy a little bit of clothes from Victor's inspiration =)     Love the briefcases Victor =D
  kwhunter is right, Canada tends to be much more egalitarian in terms of income, for example the gov't takes close to 50% of my bonuses and the more you make, the higher the taxes are.   People don't aspire to build businesses and become rich, most aspire for a government job and pension plan. lol   Plus we have Harper and not very many fashion choices or tailors.   US would be a far better choice imo.
Victor, I've been lurking around for a long time and following your posts. Very inspirational! Thank you and happy holidays.
  Please do, I am looking for a new suit in January and will strongly consider him if I could see how well it turned out for someone else.   Does he do a little fashion forward? I lean toward the slim fit, flat front type of pants.     I can also vouch that they did do custom work with shirts and suits and I got quoted a substantial price about a year or two ago. They stopped doing the shirts and it sounds like they may have stopped doing the custom suits as well.   I...
  Can anyone else vouch for this tailor? I've been using Samuelsohn MTM and could try something else.   My condolences to the people with the VCS fiasco, I almost tried the suit place too.
So I got in the mail my new Weybridge in walnut colour.     Everything is good except for the heels, I am wondering if the colour is supposed to be like that?     My right shoe looks fine with the dark brown stain around the welt just fine but this left shoe has faded brown in various places in the welt. Is there something I can colour this brown again?
Ah, scratch that. I just read you're in HK for 3-4 days max. Sorry.  
I just came back from Asia and a few things I found for clothes there:   If you're looking for shirts / pants - try Jantzen while in HK, very close to Central MTR station.   350-450 hkd ~ 45 - 60 CAD per shirt. Their staff seem young and I was a bit worried but their measurements turned out great. Turn around time was 2 business days from measurement to finished shirt. Construction quality is pretty good and you can feel/see fabrics in person.   Their pants...
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