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Haha, yes, Methuselah has awoken, at least temporarily.Anything scandalous happened here in the last four years or so?
Has anyone seen this suit in their local store in a 44 and would be willing to proxy to Melbourne? I stopped to think about it for five minutes and the last one sold out from under me
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll They don't sell these in the US. They do. But get ready for both sticker shock and buyer's remorse:
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Am I the only one who remembers these toys? Still have this one sitting in a dusty box of odds and ends. Missing some pieces. I think I picked it up in... Singapore? Hong Kong, maybe? Evidently mine is from the cheapo line. What a smug bastard.
Marc's got his own podcast now, WTF with Marc Maron, and this commentary is a re-record of something he was speaking about in an early ep. I guess Marc's an acquired taste, but I think he's great, and his podcast's really good so far - kind of stream-of-consciouness stories about consumerism and stealing from Whole Foods, and conversations with other standups like Jim Gaffigan and Patton Oswalt. Little skits and other things. New Marc, I think, is a little more mellow...
Great to finally meet you guys. It's good to see that The People On The Internet are nice, normal blokes in real life. Plus, I hadn't been to St Kilda since before the Palace burned down. Next time around: Paintball.
I really enjoyed Casino Royale - except for the poker - but Quantum was pretty average. Started out strong - enjoyed the first couple of chase scenes, and the choreography for the fight sequence in the apartment is positively Bourne-like, but it seemed to fall to pieces beyond that - oddly-paced, strangely edited, and the villainous plot is super-weak. The one thing I can't buy in this film is Quantum itself - the supposed ultimate secret organization is headed...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T Tuesday 18th work for you guys? Yep, no worries. It actually works out better, I'm double-booked for the 20th.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T I leave for Sydney tomorrow night (anyone there wanna buy me a drink ) In Melb from next Monday, so shall we lock it in for Tuesday the 20th. Anyone want to pick a bar? Wait, so... Tuesday the 18th, or Thursday the 20th? Either way, I'll drop in.
I saw about ten minutes of the first episode. I didn't think it was any worse than the Aus version - but I think the original consists of one joke that they've recycled endlessly for years, so maybe I'm biased. There's no regular Magda Szubanski character either, as far as I could tell.
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