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Great! Deets on the trousers and shoes, please.
Ok, this is now really from today, since the photo I posted earlier today was actually from yesterday.  
Solaro tie.  
 If this is a serious question: yes, at least 95% who work in fashion don't look like they work in fashion.
Haha yes, I'm pretty sure people apart from this forum will think "you are wearing a Japanese suit".  It's ok when I look like I work in fashion, because I do work in fashion. :)How many Florentine tailors do you know besides Liverano and Kotaro and which other Italian tailors did you try? I don't know why you think his suits are that slim. My jackets from Kotaro are the most comfortable jackets I ever had and I couldn't imagine roomier jackets without being too large. His...
@sprout2 I think there's a huge difference in what we expect from bespoke suits. I don't think I'm slight (rather average), but yeah, I have small shoulders and of course I'm quite short. But I'm very satisfied with my body and it's important for me to look like what I am. I don't want to act like I'm taller or bigger, that sounds so wrong and ridiculous to me. I don't get it. I have suits from 6 different tailors and I was never so happy with a tailor like I'm with...
And yesterday:
Last Friday, I picked up this new suit from Kotaro Miyahira / Sartoria Corcos and had a second fitting for my Solaro suit.  
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