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  Sure, that's a Vitale Barberis flannel made for Caccioppoli (not sure if exclusive for them). Anyway, they have this flannel in a huge color range and I'm really satisfied with it. I already ordered a trouser in that flannel last year and I was so happy with it, that I decided to order a suit as well. Love that tie!
The day before in Florence:
Yesterday in Rome:      
Maybe because that's the idea behind that coat.
From my trip to Seoul some weeks ago.  
 Haha that's funny. I think they live in Vomero, so they always have to use the funicolare. Anyway, actually her husband isn't a tailor, only her father is a tailor. Thanks! They call this fabric The Regent Check. Yes, they will also make a optional belt, but no belt loops on the coat, because I guess I'll wear the coat mostly without the belt.
Last fitting for my new coat from Dalcuore and (unfortunately no fit pics) of a Fox flannel DB suit.  
New suit.  
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