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 I do really love that tie.   Thanks! As Caustic Man and Sander already mentioned, you should definitely go for it. Grey glen check is such a versatile suit.
Recently in Como:
Quartieri Spagnoli, Naples.
@Pliny Fantastic, that tie is awesome!   --------   Last week in Florence:  
I had some fittings this week in Florence:    
Thanks for your feedback. I wear this suit quite often with spread collars, but I also like the suit with BD and sometimes I need some variety. Yes, the stitching is poking through and I can totally understand if you don't like that, but the fabric is very light and the soft unfused waistband wouldn't stay in place without poking the stitching through the front. I could go for a less soft canvas, but I prefer a soft waistband and that's always a bit difficult with braces.
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