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Hi everyone - I did some poking around other threads for a similar topic and did not find one. Here goes:   I bought a Banana Republic suit jacket about 12-14 months ago. I know, lecture me on making that mistake. It was from the heritage line, though. 100% wool. Not a bargain basement model. I wear it once a week on average, and once in a while even twice a week.   A month ago I noticed a section on the left shoulder that is best described as discoloration. To...
Wow, didn't know it was produced by Fossil. Thanks for the head's up. Looks like I'll be considering a Sea-Gull instead...
I too am curious. Not just the Japanese stuff but their Italian wool as well. The Ludlow suit jacket fits me especially well right off the rack and I don't want to make the jump for $425 if the quality is crap.
I just read all 28 pages of this thread and learned you people are really funny.   By you people, I mean...never mind.
Hey everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster.
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