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hi guys, seeing as this is sale time: anyone know where i might be able to find a pair of Hallams on sale? or just usual suspects for a C&J sale generally?   this is my first foray into #menswear (i'm growing up!) and there's some great info in this thread, so thanks.
Worn/washed once. Perfect condition.   Cleaning out closet.   $90USD   Would be happy to trade for white or blue.
Worn/washed once. Cleaning out closet.   $90USD   Would be happy to trade for white or blue.  
you're a legend. thank you. went to FIL and they had one. ended up picking up the wool minie hunting jacket instead - and at half the price i would have paid for it back home. stores - both Visvim and FIL, Tokyo - aesthetically,  are pretty unbelievable. staff were awesome, helpful and friendly. the whole city, really, is pretty unbelievable. if you're a #mens(street)wear head you absolutely have to get over here. it would legitimately be worth just flying over, staying...
hey guys, i'm heading to Tokyo next week and looking for some stuff from previous seasons. any ideas if/where that might be available?
Hi guys,   I'm about to buy my first outerwear piece; the Minie Hunting JK. This is my local stockist, but they dont have my size (3, I think): http://www.supplystore.com.au/brands/visvim/visvim-minie-hunting-jacket-indigo/c-28/c-130/p-86457   Anyone own this piece? Where should I buy it? Anyone have any experience w HumanBehaviour? They seem to be the cheapest...   Thanks for your help. Will post fit pics when I receive the jacket.
hi mate, what is the sizing like on this piece? what sizes do you have left?
hi guys,   what are the pants on the left (glasses) please?   http://cdn.styleforum.net/c/c3/c33efa00_1392130516517_street-style-tommy-ton-fall-winter-2014-new-york-5-02.jpeg
can someone tell me which jacket this is?   http://www.yoox.com/au/41419913QO/item?dept=clothingmen#sts=sr_clothingmen80&cod10=41419913QO&sizeId=
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