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sorry, i should have been more specific: in Sydney?
this is probably a stupid question, but is there anywhere in Aust that sells RLPL?   and yeah, the AUD is killing me too. 
man, you're a pos
just saw this and bought another 4. disappointing, but thanks again to JourneyMan for the instructions on how to use the Japanese site.  i'm buying my first (ever) shirts for work and really have a tough time seeing how anybody can compete w these guys at $65AUD (just under $50USD), so i'd suggest everyone get in while they still can. also v much looking froward to get back to Japan just for the #menswear ha
yeah, i can see that.   i'm in Sydney, but have a mailbox in the States that i would have used for shipping from the Kamakura site.    do you speak Japanese? i can just see from your Tumblr that you seem to have spent (/spend?) a lot of time there.
absolute fucking legend. thank you!
am i totally (Japanese)website illiterate or does the Japanese store not ship internationally?   i get to checkout and don't see an option for country, just prefectures. other than that, the site seems pretty easy to navigate.   can someone help? unfortunately, the difference for me (in AUD) is about $50 a shirt...   NOTE: re: sizing. i went all over Tokyo on my last day there looking for specific cuts, collars and colours. they have no idea what's going on in store...
hi guys, seeing as this is sale time: anyone know where i might be able to find a pair of Hallams on sale? or just usual suspects for a C&J sale generally?   this is my first foray into #menswear (i'm growing up!) and there's some great info in this thread, so thanks.
Worn/washed once. Perfect condition.   Cleaning out closet.   $90USD   Would be happy to trade for white or blue.
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