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Whats the thigh measurement?
Hi   Thanks for clarifying. That's a bit strange. I had sent out an email to the official epaulet address and Adele had advised me that the Petrol Blue fabric was not available as well. Can you please help me look into this? I've been looking for that petrol blue shade for the longest time and will kill to get it. Thank you!
When can I expect a restock of the size 28 Petrol Blue Slim walts? I've been looking for that colour since forever!
You and me both. Im looking at this option as well and I have been asking the exact same questions to myself over the past weekend.
Measurements please?
What's the shoulder and p2p measurements?
May I have the measurements please? Shoulder, P2P and length in particular. Thanks!
so how did the jackets turn out? 
Will go have a look. By when do you wish to consolidate the order?
Anyone checked out the shoe trees at
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