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An unlined and untipped tie simply looks to me as if the wearer ran out of money while getting the tie constructed midway.
Thanks for all those who responded. Just typing this out in the airport lounge to kill time. Here is a report back on what I found in New York. It was sale season. Paul Stuart - spend 30 minutes. Clothes were ok in quality but a bit unimaginative. The casual belts were very nice. Service was so so. Did not buy anything. JJ hats - great little shop. Good attentive service. No sale. Bought a Panama. Nice but ehire wehn i really wanted natural straw colour. Promptly lost it...
I went to a wedding last weekend . I wore a black bow tie, white shirt with mother of pearl cuff links, a black velvet smoking jacket with notch lapel and 2 buttons, a white pocket square, gray trousers and black slippers. I was self conscious goin in but I think 99% of the people had even more liberal interpretation of black tie than I. The broadest interpretation I saw was with shorts. I must say the women showed much higher consistently and quality in dressing.
Uniqlo, dockers and even gap have some wonderful ones at very affordable price. Hackett do cavallary twill trousers that were the precursors to chinos. More high waisted classic fit. For chinos you cannot go wrong with classic khaki which literally means the colour of dust/ashes - the question is which shade. The classic shade should look like cream washed with tea and coffe powder - not so different from the colour of chai latte or cafe au lait. Those tending towards...
All my life. Never got into this modern fashion of buying stuff made for somebody else. A competent tailor should be able to maintain your clothes to accommodate minor variations in weight, or wear and tear on collars and cuffs
If you concede that style is a combination of social construction and personal style (memes and qualia) then we can easily answer why rules exist. It has to do with epistemology. Developing a common vocabulary to describe something allows us to first to share it with others and second to develop our own understand of it. Why don't we always see something and the appropriate aesthetic rule pop into mind? The analogy is this - prehistoric man looks at a rainbow and sees...
I tend to think in terms of principles not rules - for example - don't let your underwear show!
Nice DB.
Aesthetics is a biological, social and geometric construct. Wide shoulders and chest, narrow waist, and height are appealing as they represented higher chance of reproductive success, just as female breast, waist and hip ratio was a signal of fecundity. This relates not just to humans but also reproductive success in animals. Second, dressing up is a social construct. We dress up to appeal to others, following a collective fiction around what is elegant, attractive or...
It totally depends on how you treat Indian bilinguals - at least 80m or so who study everything in English.
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