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World Group in All Seasons Place. I have been using them for 10 years and They do as good a job as my suit from H Huntsman. Ask for Danny. If you are over there over a few weeks they can do a full hand canvassed jacket or unstructured one. However why anyone would want unstructured and un-padded jacket is beyond my understanding.
Assuming 10 suits (Not including odd jackets) here is what is hanging in my closet 1) navy plain - escorial and mohair fresco 2) charcoal plain- wool and cashmere 3) mid grey plain-worsted- wool mohair fresco weave 4) solaro/khaki -cotton , unlined 5) navy pinstripe - heavier milled worsted 6) charcoal with windowpane check- cashmere and wool 7) blue /grey glen plaid db, wool mohair fresco 8) natural Irish linen unlined 9) seersucker in blue stripes, unlined 10) navy with...
There is nothing wrong with a bit of nipple showing
If it does not have hold buttons it is not a blazer, and not a foundational element of men's wardrobe. It is a piece of fashion which will go the way of other abominations like bell bottom trousers.
A blazer without metal buttons is an odd jacket not a blazer. And and odd jacket should not be navy blue as the navy blue odd jacket is a bazer with metal buttons. If you really dislike gold (why?) go for copper or brass, or something called cow gold (black polish over gold). The blazer is a classic. Don't mess with it.
Btw I also have Alden cordovan and Crockett and Jones. 10 years down the road the Aldens look wrinkled with a totally plasticky sheen on them, while the CJ have developed a beautiful patina and look wonderful. Though ironically the leather comes from America for both the quality of workmanship is completely different. So I really would not recommend Alden
Do search for my thread on this topic. I shopped in both London and New York this year and my overall impression was unless you are looking for Americana, shipping in Manhattan add nothing to shopping in London. The sum total of my purchase was a seersucker suit from Brooks brothers which I will never wear and a Panama hat that I lost within 48 hours. Paul Stuart and Broooks Brothers are far behind even an average London shop off the Row or Jeremyn stree and not much cheaper.
Between the three Bangkok has the best price quality trade off. I'd suggest world group in all seasons place on wireless road. Their main outlet is in oriental hotel at 4x the price. This is a front and the two shops share the same workshop. A full canvas with good handwork (but not all hand) will cost about usd300 for the workmanship. You can bring your own fabric or buy it from them. They also go excellent shirt from aboud usd80. It is not cheap but comparable to 3-4x...
At the last count this thought has been posted and discussed 1,345,398 times this year on the forum
The tie and the shirt simply don't fit with the jacket. It is jarring.
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