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the issue is the colour not the weave :-)  
the problem my friend is your choice of polos - not the trousers. No trousers could possibly make even your second choice look good. if you want to dress like an adult, get these in a solid block color - either while, light blue or pink for the day or navy, black or red for the night. Then pair it with chinos or mid-gray trousers in the day and jeans in the night. The horizontal stripes and the multitude of colours is just not attractive.   
Hendrix - you said it. This is as classic a tweed as you can get. It is not tailored very well and that what makes it somewhat unappealing. Also the wearer is mixing up very citi shirts and ties with this very country jacket, which will look beautiful with tattersal shirts and madder or royal poplin ties
Baggy balloon pants with flared bell bottoms, with zig zag pink and yellow pattern and large polka dots in orange would complement that t-shirt very well.
A solaro is easy to spot but it does not leap out or appear odd at all. It helps if you are wearing it during brig summer days or in the tropics. Don't go by the photos- feel the live cloth. Actually I find it funny you think solaro stands out but st the same time started with seersucker which even in America stands in most states and outside America is strictly for fancy dress parties- dyed or no dyes
Actually it is mostly in the mind. The cotton herringbone solaro looks no more strange than many other things we wear. I am a very conservative dresser and a tan cotton solaro with red backing fits reasonably well. In artificial light the red does not leap out. In sunlight I is attractive
It could probably work but the look is not that great. The problem with seeksucker is a stiffness in the look rather than the relaxed suppleness which looks better in summer e.g. In a linen suit. The seersucker suit I bought a few months ago is yet to see service. Try a solaro in lightweight wool which wears a bit cooler than cotton solaro. However the cotton solaro fades and wears in a very attractive way relative to wool which remains more unchanged over time. Hopsack...
I have been getting full canvass done at WG for the last 10 years. Also their fit has been excellent. Which cutter did you use?
World Group in All Seasons Place. I have been using them for 10 years and They do as good a job as my suit from H Huntsman. Ask for Danny. If you are over there over a few weeks they can do a full hand canvassed jacket or unstructured one. However why anyone would want unstructured and un-padded jacket is beyond my understanding.
Assuming 10 suits (Not including odd jackets) here is what is hanging in my closet 1) navy plain - escorial and mohair fresco 2) charcoal plain- wool and cashmere 3) mid grey plain-worsted- wool mohair fresco weave 4) solaro/khaki -cotton , unlined 5) navy pinstripe - heavier milled worsted 6) charcoal with windowpane check- cashmere and wool 7) blue /grey glen plaid db, wool mohair fresco 8) natural Irish linen unlined 9) seersucker in blue stripes, unlined 10) navy with...
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