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How about pretty much any city in in USA?
Goes well with a mid Gray suit and white shirt. Can also work with a tan suit.
I find all brands annoying especially since I did a lot of work consulting into consumer goods industry. I find is annoying to know that what I am paying for, only 20% goes to material and craftsmanship. The rest goes to marketing, rent and salesmanship i.e. making me want to buy the product. Much better to go bespoke or artisanal brands like Sam Hober where more directly translates into the craftsmanship and goods,
Don't disagree that these are good. I got a WW Chan made in 2006 I think. I also have bespoke Huntsman and bespoke Neopolitan stuff and have never really worn off the rack in my life,In my opinion World Group is a very good option at any price. as you can imagine there is a huge difference between Hong kong labour costs and Bangkok labour cost. Hong Kong is no cheaper than any western country unless they are sending stuff over to china. Bkk labour is a fifth the cost,Vish
WG charges around bhat 8000, around usd300 for stitching. I'd suggest brining your own fabric though they do have fabrics. The good ones are very expensive. The cheap ones are not good. I have never used any of their fabrics. I get the fabric from the UK.
You can one for sure in 4 days- just possible perhaps to get two if the workshop is not too busy. When you come back from the islands you can get one more done. Best to call Danny and let him know when you are coming and what your timings are so he can ensure there is time for everything
From what I can see it does not fit well on the body either. Too much drape. Return it if you can. Unlikely you can alter it enough.
I seriously doubt it. They are not in that business, the only pattern I know of the one the cutter made on paper in consultation with me. It's a fairly bespoke service - as in you must be firmly in command of your tastes and co-create the piece with him. However, he will certainly point out fatal error or lunacies to you. I have had at least 10 suits and 5-6 odd jackets, and maybe 50 shirts made with him- some that I have taken back after years for minor alterations.My...
Actually I was comparing bespoke Neopolitan to off the rack $50 uniqlo. Little difference.
To me, as long as you are going to wear a jacket, might as well look good in it. The unstructured stuff is going to the recycle bin. Honestly I bought some unstructured linen jackets from uniqlo and after a few alterations they are no worse than the silly expensive custom made stuff- while I am yet to find a ready to wear jacket that could ever match bespoke.
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