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You forgot Sam Hober- ESP if you ask David to construct it for 4 in hand
It is hard for me to knot a tie without a simple and I honestly wonder how others do it. Even if I were able to do it, I'd find it very strange to wear a tie without a dimple. It just does not feel right - feels a bit like lapels what have been pressed down and creased- just strange.
Some sort of powder blue pants could work as well
You are not going to get much for less than $ 100 except alteration. Btw old favourites are cyc are not bad at all and Gentlemens quarters in raffles place is pretty decent for formal shirts.
First shirt has some hope worn with jeans or khakis. The second shirt will do very well for making kitchen towels depending upon what colour your kitchen is.
I am actually in Bangkok now and picking up 4 suits and 2 jackets from WG in all seasons place-all fully canvassed. However I am a customer of 10 years standing who gives them 200,000 Bhat worth of business a year for the last 10years and have done many many referrals. It is well possible they don't want headache and extra labour of full canvas for new walk in customers. . Btw usd300 is not the price for a suit- just tailoring. You have to get your own fabric.
Serves you right for shopping at Macy
The colour you show in the picture is a caricature but burgundy or oxblood are perfectly fine.
Why does all of this sound strangely reminiscent of New York (or at least Jersey)
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