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A jacket needs to be buttoned somewhere around the natural waist. You can locate those buttons in a 1, 2 or horrors even a 3 button jacket, but it is really impossible in a 4 button jacket. The only good versions I have seen are serge blue with gold buttons and rounded collars- a military variation on the Vienna coat,
Beautiful lapels but a more substantial tie is needed to balance them
A striped suit of this sort is not formal in context of a dinner. If fact, it should be strictly reserved just for the day, and in the CBD
I just realized you guys are talking about a Mckintosh!!
None should wear a trench coat
I have two - one in a mix of cashmere and mink and second in Bactrian camel hair. No need for a lining as they are warm enough to handle anything sub-polar. The big advantage is that you can wear your suit to the fittings and get the coat to fit and fall just right. Actually the whole question is somewhat limiting- if you can afford bespoke get everything bespoke. It is aways worth it. The question should be I can afford bespoke is it then ok to get off the shelf for...
By simple visual observation during my 40-50 flights a year to over 45 countries and counting :-)
In America, well dressed men are so rare and are so instantly branded dandy or worse that I tone down my wardrobe when visiting. Conversely, in Japan, which has absolutely the best dressed men on earth, ensure I take my highest quality duds. Europe is somewhere between the two extreme, but in Italy in particular I find the CBd dress to be entirely boring. HK is somewhat more stylish than Singapore where jackets and ties are vanishing even in the CBD- but thankfully no...
Nice rug beneath your feet.looks like a nain or ispahan
I might be interested in about 5-10 myself. Let me count the number of shoes I have which are suffering from ikea plastic shoe trees and get back
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