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Sorry, I bought mine way before the rise of e-commerce
Cartier has an aviator which is much closer to classical aviator design, this piece looks somewhat modernized
Cartier aviators offer excellent build quality and workmanship. They also have an exotic wood stem option available but I prefer classic (very pale) pink gold. My other pair of aviators from ST DuPont is very nice too but after about 12 years of constant ipuse shows some tarnish. The Cartier bought at the same time is perfect.
I have a few items in Escorial- a pure Escorial navy suit, an Escorial and mohair navy suit and an odd DB jacket. Pure Escorial is amazingly pliable and molds to the body like no other fabric.mohair blends are fine but the roughness mohair imparts take away the key pleasure of Escorial
Egents Any recommendations, tips or tricks on what a gentleman should shop for during a weekend trip in Barcelona? Vish
I doubt this shirt is acceptable in polite company of any sort. On the shirt looking girly I believe this is a QED
I don't know. Looks like a tailoring mistake to me or something too girly and blouse like. Most tailors would say they have spent years trying to make sure such mistake do no occur in their sewing.
I tie it to end somewhere around the middle of the buckle or even slightly lower. Since I don't wear suspenders, pants inevitably slip down a bit during the day. Any gap between tip of the tie and belt buckle looks 100x more horrible than a slightly longer tie as long as it does not go below the belt line
They are fine with customers brining their own fabric. The stitching with full canvas (tell them no fusing, hand stitched// full canvas confuses them) is around bhat 7500 or little less than usd300.The have better fabrics for shirts than for suits.Generally the quality is better than Singapore tailors especially adjusted for price. Singapore tailors are no longer cheaper than western ones at all.
A Nehru is indeed elegant and even more so when is it is below knee length. A Vienna cost can be very nice. A good Chinese jacked by the likes of Shanghai Tang is nice. These are all meant to button up all the way. an English blazer looks nicer if it buttons close to natural waist and shows a good amount of shirt.In my opinion the only redeemable 4 button look is either the Korean boyband look which requires you to be in a Korean boy band to pull off, or a 19 century...
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