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Well, somebody's random comment on my beautiful Sam Hober Ancient Madder paisley tie got me thinking about South Asian contribution to men's style. The more I though about it I realised that it is very substantial and poorly recognised. So here go somethings I know. Feel free to add more - pailsey pattern -seersucker -madras cotton -cummerbund -pyjamas -gingham checks (?) - Nehru jacket -tussah silk -khaki/chino fabric -sola hat -cashmere fabric - mohair/angora weaving...
Where can I get me one of those?
Yes. These are nice. Mine is red windowpane on gray background. I think the fabric pinching will be very visible as the pattern is not subtle
I will try to put up something but it might take a week . The patina is nice, but the leather has not really wrinkled.
10. Years and counting for mine. The tanning process is absolutely critical. Most ready made crocs tend to have a lacquered finish which tends to crack over time. I picked a skin and had mine custom made without the lacquer on too. Have been polished with standard burgundy polish alternating with neutral for 10 years and look good as new.
I have black and burgundy and planning to add deep forest green. All rock but are definitely flashy. Depends upon the impression you want to make.
I would throw an exotic into the mix- Lizard is the most subtle but crocodile is more fun. Go for the plainest style possible as the leather is fancy enough. Burgundy or deep brown keeps it relatively subtle
Many thanks for all your help
Many thanks all. I do have a rather large chest, but will go without darts from now. The tailor has done an ok job of shaping from the sides and I quite like the slightly unstructured effect the no dart thing is giving at least for now
My tailor constructed my new windowpane jacket without front darts for the first fitting. He persuaded me that the line of windowpanes will fall better without the darts and that the fit and silluette will not be compromised. What do you think? I will be doing the second fitting soon.
New Posts  All Forums: