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Also on the pinch test the lapels just feel thin
Well there is roll worth speaking about, when i touch the chest piece there seems to be a discontinuity just before the lapels start were it seems to become much thinner, and finally on my mohair jacket the edges of the lapel curl by the end of the evening - a bit like poor shirt collars do.
I just got delivery of 4 suits from my tailor. It is clear he has not canvassed the lapels. Can this be done after the fact?. I need to know so he cannot bullshit me. Is it reasonable for him to ask me for extra for canvassing the lapels?
Mustard donegal type tweed, khakhi cotton, Solaro or linen. I like to contrast navy slacks with yellow/brown family which is opposite on the colour wheel. While gray trousers work best with navy blazer, somehow it does not work well in the other direction. Navy pants are actually not very versatile and not really recommended. You generally want the darker half of the jacket/trouser combo to be on the top. The other way round is not flattering on most people unless you...
There is no particular advantage to 3 buttons (except for showing off canvassing of lapel roll) while 2 buttons lengthen torso. I personally prefer a single button for bespoke jackets and 2 buttons for store bought ones.
I'd say don't put on a hanger - the wool will distort and stretch. I live in Singapore - so this is a constant problem. A friend of mine has a tailor's dummy that he got from a going out of business shop, and he swears by using it to dry his jackets. I typically lay the jacket flat on towel and cover it with another towel for a while and let it dry for a couple of days. After that i send it for a sponge and steam press. It generally works out ok, but in one of my suites,... opposed to a single breasted suit which looks best on ......errr tall and lean guys
I frequently wear socks in red, purple, pink, lemon or green. Most of the times it is on Fridays. Very occasionally weekdays
Amazing how a discussion on clothes can degenerate into political bickering.
The Persian influence probably came by way of india. What's remarkable is I am still trying to scratch my head to come up with any ethnic influence outside of india.
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