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Cotton and linen suits are casual. Fading, fraying and stretching adds to the patina of the suit and reflects your active lifestyle- much like a jeans looks the best a bit broken in. Khakhi or solaro suits look much better this way. Just don't wear them for business. Cotton suits are for hanging out.
Most fundamentally a beard will change the shape of the face and change the tonal balance of the face. Bigger collar, larger knot and larger lapel will all help to balance. In my case with the beard i can wear higher contrast clothing and thicker glasses look much better with the beard etc. Not sure I agree with the point about texture. The more facial hair you have the more traditional the rest of the wardrobe needs to be
I am 45r and 3.75 inch lapels and tie width is just about proportionate. I have even experimented with 4 inch lapels and they are just fine since I have a large face. Does not look anything like the skinny stuff you see on GQ but I'd 3.75 inch is kind of minimum if you are around 45.
I am not sure about these specific ones but,I have three pair of cartiers in aviator, round and oval wireframes and they are all fabulous. Coming on 10years on and they all look good as new
Tokyo absolutely without a doubt. Probably the highest per capita number of bespoke shoe makers in the world.
Have you heard of this amazing website called eBay? I heard they sell some stuff or something there!
Suede has cold weather and country associations. Not appropriate for a summer linen suit. I'd say go for Some form of slip on shoes in caramel. You can use exotic leather to lush it up- crocodile or lizard. For a wedding best also to instruct your shoe maker to cut the shoe with lower outside vamp and just slightly longer than your normal length for a more elegant profile
Cool. Hope you get what you are looking for.
Chinos with almost any type of pale chambray, royal oxford or almost any shirt with checks on them looks reasonably good. It does not have to be polo. I personally prefer normal shirts with single barrel cuff and pointed collars which distinguishes them sufficiently from formal shirts that have semi-spread collar and double cuffs.
Dear experts I have tried to research everything I possibly could on DB tailoring. I have converged on 6x2 peak lapels, hacking pockets with a ticket pocket, half inch shorter than my typical single breasted jackets, good buildup on chest , rolling lapels, double vents and a slightly bigger skirt than my single breasted jacket, a good nipping around the natural waist. I am thinking of trying out DB on a gray with light gray striped formal fabric and a solaro to begin...
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