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Actually a pink shirt, green tie combination is not uncommon and works well, but agree the other way round does not work. Color psychology is a very complex subject and related to deepest sexual impulses- evolution predisposes women to like men in shades that make them look large and aggressive (navy, red) and for men to like women in shades that emphasize signs of ovulation - black, pastels with a lot of rouge and lipstickComing back to topic, when I was growing up it...
Most men don't are afraid of blue odd trousers because they simply lack imagination to wear them well. The trick as always with trousers is to get a combination where the jacket is same shade or darker than the bottoms. A pair of French navy trousers, paired with rust tweed jacket and navy blue hunting tie on tattersall shirt is a lovely autum combination. Think painting French navy with autumn colours- not navy sigh muddy brow - and you have a winning combination. For...
Close to 100 hobers- and who is counting (except the wife) - I had my first two disappointments. First the navy granadine did not turn out to be navy. It is a weird denim like colour, not much darker than the slate blue I already have - so it goes to "gift to poor cousins" bin. And then I realized to my horror that the blue madder I ordered almost a year ago or more, I just never saw it. Giving the number of ties I have, I never registered it till I saw it again on the...
I was really wondering who would order that tie. Now I know
Perhaps white folks be afraid of red. Us coloured folk wear red a plenty and it do look good too.
A Madras tie should we worn with a lighter colour suit. French navy, light Gray or light brown will be more appropriate
ButButton stance is too high. Not much you can do
Perhaps you should take your cues from chain mail and boiled leather wearing, ass scratching, swineherds. Your boss might be more sympathetic.
Men in Tokyo are way more stylish than anywhere in the world.
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