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So today I got up to address an office meeting. Somebody later told me they thought I worked for fashion industry I was so well dressed. I was wearing a navy suit, white shirt, navy tie, and with the only concession to style being a white linen pocket square and cordovan suit. Go figure. Even after almost half a decade of pocket squares being in trend they seem to elicit rather extreme reactions from people
The reality is there is only one elegant summer hat which is a panama from equator. Wear it with a high crown and broad brim and a lot of panache at any age
I am the same size. I'd say go for 3.75inch and ask for an extra thick 4 in hand knot. Go also for 3.75inch lapels. Will be a lot more proportionate
I have seen very decent suits and very decent suits on salarymen in Tokyo
It depends very much on how portly the gentleman is. It you are somewhat expansive, 3.75 works well both for lapel and tie
The reason is dark gray goes with nothing. It is either silver gray which will go well with a navy suit and white shirt or midnight blue which will go well with everything. Dark gray looks just wrong in a tie
I have that madder and it really comes alive with and in turn supports a classic tweed. To me it is more autumn than spring.
I have the "dark"lavender linen. It is really a shade of navy. If you can wear one you can wear the other.
Sir, I wear some old brogues that started their life as tan, but over the last 15 years or so of having been well used outfdoors and polished with contaminated brushes, have achieved a high degree of burnish and are much darker. A safer choice is burgundy or cordovan. In any case, I try to avoid black with any casual combination. the basic structure of the shoe should be oxford to keep with the origins of the combination.
There is nothing the matter with purple- but the shade matters. A deep Auvergne, indigo or tyrean shade is perfectly acceptable with a navy or mid-gray suit (somehow does not work with charcoal). Wear it instead of a navy tie and Pair it with a handkerchief with some orange or gold in it. Also non-shiny grenadine weave works better than shiny, which indeed looks somewhat Doolittle-ish
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