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True, the BB sale rep told me in the next few weeks they will have a massive sale on 1818 suits, but I like the option of extra trousers, as I work in an environment where we are supposed to wear suits, yet when we are in the office, no one wears their jackets, so my trousers take far more wear than the jacket, so I like that I can add extra trousers with some tweaked features, like I could get a Fitzgerald cut with pleated trousers if I wanted, etc. I have a...
Does anyone have any experience or insight on this little-discussed suiting program? It seems to be somewhere between their RTW suiting essential separates (not that impressive), and their 1818 RTW by Southwick. To me, a half-canvased suit where I can get extra trousers and in any size, can add pick-stitching and getting to pick my cloth and lining (albeit from a limited yet classic range) for about $695 seems like a pretty good deal (even cheaper with my corporate...
Does anyone know if any of the upcoming sales (FF, Corp, or any other sale before the years out) applies to ordering suits via the Suiting Essentials MTO program (not the RTW stuff)? I think they start at like $695 or something, but I'm told at certain sales they are like $400+  Appreciate any help
Is it better to purchase dress shirts (looking to get 3-4) during F&F or Corp sale? 
So can anyone hazard a guess as to when the next F&F, Corporate event, or other worthwhile sale will be? I need to stock up on some shirts and trying to decide whether to wait for a sale, or just take the discount given when you buy 3 or more
Hey gang, first post here. I am trying to find some very quality hefty cotton twill / canvas pants in a clean (not too low and skinny) cut that are machine washable. If any of you are familiar with Buzz Rickson drill, I am talking this kind of weight cloth. Pants that can be worn with blazers and odd jackets, bucks and wingtips. I really like the Epaulet Rivet chino, but they are a bit too low and tight. Thanks for the help.
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