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if this ever gets down in the $800-900 range, let me know. I would snap it up in a second.
re: size - are they a little big on you, or pretty snug? Also do you have a length measurement?
Got these on ebay, didn't fit. $100 (shipping included). Any takers?
what's the fabric on the bomber?
pmed on 32, the black 15.5
forwardforward is having a sale, including acne mics for $113
pm sent on #5
got my khakis today, fit is fantastic, highly recommended.
have a promotion day where girls come in and try to make the best/most stylish outfit out all the clothes you have or maybe with one piece that you choose (like most creative way to wear it contest) and you could either take pictures or have a runway show where people can come and judge it (crowd applause or something) and winner gets to keep the outfit or something else cool that you might think of.
ok. thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: