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That is one fine mix you've put together there! Bravo!
There's something very dependable in all this, nice!
Very nice effect throughout, like to see a better shot of the suit though.
why is dubai up there with sydney and NYC? Dubaï is my idea of Hell!
Clip ons do have a use of course, they enable you to try the effect, and find the best position before sewing on the buttons!   Then you can give them to a kid to make a catapult.
I'm just a bit worried that the two upper buttons appear distracting/superflous, ?? Trousers perhaps a little short, but they show off the shoes better that way!
Very nice throughout, Bravo!
Well despite being an ardent Tweeder, I'm not sure that I could define the stuff anyway! When is a flannel a tweed? When does Glen Plaid become tweed?   This one looks pretty good to me though!
Agreed indeed!   The problem with the stuff I showed is that the black is very black, and the white whiskers have no non grey tones, which makes it difficult to mix even with many greys.   Finding suitable shirt and tie colours is equally difficult - especially since I'm not good at matching.   Maybe need a Spoo in my closet!
The short answer is yes, it's a Harris Tweed 733231 I have a superb jacket in this one, but it's very warm, and reserved therefore for the coldest days.   But as a new poster, albeit member and watcher for a long time, I'm having difficulty getting images into my posts, if you look at post 1171 (above) you'll see a better image is attached, but it doesn't show. Not sure where I went wrong.   I had seen in earlier posts that someone was seeking a tweed in these colours,...
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