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        Winter is coming. What do you think about this navy jacket in a professional setting? It could replace the need for a different blazer everyday at work during winter or I could wear a blazer underneath.      Thank you.
Loomis   Thoughts on these?
@stukovx - Those look awesome. I have my eyes set for the XXX-007 as my next pair. Could you give us some details into the life of your jeans?
I have to get my momo's tapered from the knee down. Will this ruin or alter the pink inseam?
How are you're grey WGs coming along?
Hows the quality of the socks?
Has anyone tried taking off the leather patch on their N&F's?
  Nice, I have the grey jacket. IMO, it looks great with a scarf underneath and the collar popped.
My 201's   Hot pre-soak. Got them hemmed, tailor took off ~6inches, the leg hem is 1/2 inch wider than the original hem. In my opinion, the hem is too large and it's almost a bootcut style.   The jeans fit good. The fit is relaxed, but I would have prefer a slimmer fit. The pants bulge in the crotch area whenever I sit. It crumples up too much at the knee, and from the knee down it looks rather baggy. I guess I have to get them tapered *sigh* I'm going to hot...
I got the same exact starter kit too. I'm sorry if this has been asked, but what's the difference between the Creme and Conditioner - which one to use first? Should I use this kit before applying sno-seal/obenauf (still waiting for it in the mail)? Should I polish my shoes first before getting a half-sole topy? I've been wearing them in wet weather for about 2 weeks now.
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