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I just did my first hot wash after wearing the jeans unwashed for 7 months. My only problem with the jean is that the waist stretched out too much for my liking and I think the rise on this jean is a bit weird. It's size 31, but I think it stretched out to ~34" in the waist, and after the hot wash, it shrunk to 33". Will it stretch back to 34" with regular wear?   The perfect waist would be 32" for me.The jeans are now rinsed and are hung in the bathroom. Should I...
What particular model are those Dior jeans?
My new pair of 1000 miles came with a starter care kit, and I'm not sure which one to use Leather creme or the Leather conditioner?   I watched the 1000 mile care video and he pointed out to try not to get the boots wet, and to always wipe your boots dry afterwards. How necessary is this? Whats the best waterproof application that I can apply? I live in a rather rainy city.   Thanks
^Thanks for posting that. The price of the shoes show $510, but when I checked out, it showed $425, I applied a 30% discount, so the grand total with duty fees is $400.   Not too shabby. :)
Hows the quality of their wool/wool blend knitwear/sweaters?   I really like the 'Shawl' sweater (made in Canada) and the 'Marled' sweater (made in China) - One thing that is deterring me from buying it is the fact that its Dry Clean Only.
I went to try on the 1000 mile's and Red Wing Beckman's today. From my initial impressions, the 1000 mile's looks a lot better in person than in pictures, and aesthetically looks better than the Beckman in my opinion. The Beckman were noticeably heavy and I thought the laces were of poor quality because even though its waxed, it was rather difficult to lace up the shoe. When compared to the 1000 mile's, the 1000 mile had a nicer looking shoe lace, and I thought the...
Speaking of Billy Reid, hows their quality of peacoats?   $700, made in Italy.
Hi,   I'm relatively new to high-end shoes. I was trying on a pair of leather brogues, and I couldn't decide on the sizing because the size 7's feel almost the same as the size 8's. The salesperson said there is suppose to be room in the toe area because the brogues sported the narrow style looked. How much is too much toe room?
    What do you guys think of this belt?   3cm width, it's a bit small for jeans I think.
After much searching on this thread, I believe the general census is for vintage labels (unsanforized), is to go TTS or TTS-1.   I measured my best fitting jeans: 32" waist, and 11" thigh. What size should I go for?
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