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The henlee's are hand-wash, and lay flat to dry.   I think most of their collection is either hand-wash or dry clean. `
    Does anyone own a pair of these? Could you post a picture of it faded please.   I'm concerned about the fit on these; I have a huge ass. Whats the closet fit to these from Momotaro's main line?   If it helps; I fit in 31 in "The standard" - 7 for all mankind, 31 in "Core" and "Sid" - Citzens of Humanity, and 31 in "Weird Guy" - Naked and Famous.
@nepants   I just recently bought one of their henlees, and I really like it. Its comfortable and it accentuates the fact that I work out. I bought the thicker and warmer henlee, which consists of 92% cotton and 8% cashmere.
Thanks, they don't carry that line in Canada though.
  What brand would you consider worth your money around that price range?   @superego   Vince and Wings + Horns have nice basic henlees.
Why isn't Citizens of Humanity popular around here?
Please activate my account. Thanks.  
Why aren't CITIZENS OF HUMANITY popular around here?   Is it the quality? the price? style?     I recently bought a couple of CoH jeans; 1 black and 1 cord. Both are extremely soft and comfortable.
Hey everyone,   It's time to ditch the sneakers - I'm a college student in the process of finding a nice pair of boots for the first time.   Things to consider: -preferably under $500. -comfortable throughout the day. -durable and waterproof; it rains quite a lot here. -I wear jeans most the time. My jeans are rather conservative; not too much fading.        Is there a particular brand, style or shoe material to get or avoid?       Here...
@John   Darker colors tend to fade the least. I purchased a pair of raw N&F recently, and I too don't want them to fade at all because I love the color, and the clean minimalistic look. To keep jeans from fading, I suggest not washing them unless you really need to.
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