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  Orient Sun & Moon watch   Which color should I choose?  
Acrimony 11/23 - 11/25 : GIVINGTHANKS
  Any code for Acrimony?   Thanks
  This watch is going to be for everyday use in college. I can't decide between the 2 colors, which color best compliments a smart-casual-athletic style? Or in other words, which color can be easily matched with what you wear?   Thanks
EDIT: oops wrong thread
In regards to the black coated denim.   Givenchy sells a pair, but can anyone comment of the quality of Givenchy?  
My 31 WG's stretched to 34" in the waist with no washes. Shrunk back to 33" with a hot wash, but I am told it will stretch again.
I need help determining my size for this particular Billy Reid peacoat.   Their size chart says size small is 39" chest, and 18" shoulders, whereas the medium is 41" chest, and 18.5" shoulders.   My bare chest is 38", 17" shoulders, and 32" actual waist (bellybutton). I am 5"6 @ 145 lbs, athletic build.   Small or medium?
Where can I find the quick release belt?  
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