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So I'm going to go try on a pair of xx-007 and xx-010 both unsanforized and slim straight.   The general consensus seems to be get the thigh measurements right. After initial soaks I should expect roughly -1" in the waist, -1.25" for the inseam, -0.5" in the thighs, -0.3" for the knee/leg opening. Thighs don't stretch much, but the waist will.   That being said. If it fits well at the store, should I size up to compensate for shrinkage?
This slim Burberry card holder measures 4.1" x 3.3" and features soft leather, ID and card slots.   2 card slots on front 2 middle slots for cash or cards 1 ID window on back   100% Authentic. I can verify its authenticity at the Burberry store in Vancouver Downtown.   Feel free to ask me any questions. Cheers!
This is a one of a kind Gucci Wallet   -GG Supreme canvas with a olive/gun metal web and dark grey leather. -Made in Italy -six card slots and two bill compartments   4.3"W x 3.5"H x .6"D   Comes with original box   Feel free to contact me with any questions. If bought locally -  I would be more than happy to have the GUCCI store in Vancouver to check the authenticity of the wallet.
Price dropped to $225
Hey guys,   I got the chance of comparing the Wolverine 1000 miles and the Red Wing Beckmans. In comparison, I found the Wolverine 1000 miles more comfortable and it has less of the work boot look which in fits well into my business casual outfits. I really like the waxed laces that came with it, but they aren't too durable. The Red Wings were less comfortable due to the fact that they are rather heavy and I never got the chance to break them in properly. The boots are...
Winter is coming. Equip yourself with these Red Wing Beckman Boots. They've only been worn a handful of times as I bought them to compare with the Wolverine 1000 miles. I always use shoe trees on them and they've been polished once. The leather is still hard as it hasn't been broken into yet. I bought them from the Red Wing Shoe. Retails for $329.00 Size 8.5 in Black Cherry Feel free to contact me with any questions.   I would prefer to meet locally in Vancouver. But I...
  Thoughts on the Freeman Rain Jacket?
    Navy wool down blazer winter jacket. Thoughts?
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