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Thanks for the reply.   I think i'll bite the bullet and buy it at retail. I'm hoping they have the 0201 Vintage label (unsanforized)   Not sure about sizing, but when trying on the jeans -what should it feel like?   Should it feel tight around the waist and thigh so that it will stretch? or should it be relaxed and comfortable? Should it be so tight that I can't button the top button?
Is the Naked & Famous x Momotaro collaboration on par with Momotaro's quality?   At $265, if they are on par with quality, its a decent deal -since Momotaro's start at ~$300
Hows the quality of their chinos?
@blazingazn   How's the overall selection? Is it mainly stuff from last season? Many sizes or mostly XL?   Any sweaters/knitwear, peacoats, non-sweat pants, shoes?
Alright, its been 6 months now, and it's time to wash my Grey selvages for the first time! I've only been wearing them once a week so there isn't much fading or distress -which I prefer because the natural color looks awesome.   This is my first pair of raw denim and unknowingly I got them hemmed already.   1) How much will it shrink? 2) Is there anyway to minimize the shrinkage? 3) Will the jeans get softer? 4) The front pockets are still rather tight...
Are these the 8111's - Amber Harness Leather?   How are these in rain and snow conditions?
Knitwear by Marc by Marc Jacobs. 100% merino wool. I really like the quirky contrast stripes at the hem and sleeves - very Paul Smith like.   Which color should I choose?
Since you already have a Bordeaux, go for blue mate.   Regarding the pictures, they are actually the same shoe, different lighting. I like the blue, but i'm not sure if I can pull it off. I do wear a ton of jeans. Here's the same style but in a more conservative color.  
I think the Bordeaux looks nice. You could probably match it better than the blue.   Are you buying them online?
  Thanks for the replies.   I should have mentioned that I'm 5"6 @ 145 lbs, and yes, I'm looking for a modern, slim fit. I wouldn't mind wool blends as long as its quality, comfortable, and durable. I would prefer designer brands as it would be more easier for me to go into a store and try on.   J.Crew's Bayswater peacoat and Ralph Lauren Academy Wool Peacoat seems within my price range.   But this peacoat from Burberry London is what I want.     Its $885 from Mr....
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