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Winter is coming. Equip yourself with these Red Wing Beckman Boots. They've only been worn a handful of times as I bought them to compare with the Wolverine 1000 miles. I always use shoe trees on them and they've been polished once. The leather is still hard as it hasn't been broken into yet. I bought them from the Red Wing Shoe. Retails for $329.00 Size 8.5 in Black Cherry Feel free to contact me with any questions.   I would prefer to meet locally in Vancouver. But I...
  Thoughts on the Freeman Rain Jacket?
    Navy wool down blazer winter jacket. Thoughts?
        Winter is coming. What do you think about this navy jacket in a professional setting? It could replace the need for a different blazer everyday at work during winter or I could wear a blazer underneath.      Thank you.
Loomis   Thoughts on these?
@stukovx - Those look awesome. I have my eyes set for the XXX-007 as my next pair. Could you give us some details into the life of your jeans?
I have to get my momo's tapered from the knee down. Will this ruin or alter the pink inseam?
How are you're grey WGs coming along?
Hows the quality of the socks?
Has anyone tried taking off the leather patch on their N&F's?
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