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Price drops. Shoot me an offer!
These shirts were bought from Acrimony San Fransisco. They are brand new with tags and have never been worn. Pictures and descriptions are from the Acrimony website.   I'm willing to trade for similar size slim fit shirts like BoO or Thom Browne. Will ship to USA or Canada, PM me for a shipping quote.   Gitman Bros. Vintage Panama Check in size Small   Retail 204.00 Asking for 125   The bright colors give this dense check pattern both lightness and incredible...
@d4nimal You're right, but its also the fact that the watch have rather thin bezels which gives the watch a bigger looking appearance.   My wrists are small coming in at 6 inches.
Junghans Max Bill in 34mm and 38mm. Same watch, different size. Which one should I keep?   Disregard the color of the strap since I'm going to switch it to a dark brown cordovan strap.                
The audleys are nice, but I'm going to stick with choosing something in the Main line collection due to budget constraints. 
You're right AriGold. Thanks for your insight. I will strongly consider getting an oxford. I can't wait to go into my local store for a fitting. In case the 348 Last on the Westbournes don't fit me - what else would you recommend?
Thanks for the suggestions. I wouldn't mind an elongated last as long as it fits me well and doesn't look like clown shoes. I'm lucky to have a local stockist who has personally been to the C&J factory and is passionate about getting me the right fit.   @jssdc I want something versatile that I could someday wear with a suit. As for boots, I already have a pair of dress boots, and I would opt for a pair of monk's, but it looks like C&J don't carry any quadruple monk...
Fellow SFers, I need your guys help in choosing my first pair of C&J's. I'm still in college, so my style is casual (t-shirt and jeans) to business casual (casual dress shirts and chinos/non jeans). Since, i'm not wearing suits yet, I'm looking for something that is versatile with my style. In particular, I'm looking for Derby's in any colour but black. I'm 5'7, so I'm looking for something that isn't too elongated that will make me look clownish. (NOTE: Last 341 seems...
So I tried on unsanforized XX-007 size 32's and it was a bit tight in the thighs. The 33's were better, but the waist was too big. In conclusion, my thunder thighs are too big for the 'slim straight' fit. I figure I need some more room in the top block like my Momotaro 0201.   It looks like the XX-009 is exactly the same as the XX-007, but in 'regular straight' fit with a roomier thigh. I may have to order online through Blueingreen and sanforized versions so that I...
So I'm going to go try on a pair of xx-007 and xx-010 both unsanforized and slim straight.   The general consensus seems to be get the thigh measurements right. After initial soaks I should expect roughly -1" in the waist, -1.25" for the inseam, -0.5" in the thighs, -0.3" for the knee/leg opening. Thighs don't stretch much, but the waist will.   That being said. If it fits well at the store, should I size up to compensate for shrinkage?
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