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I'm standing straight. I have an athletic build, so my thighs and arse are on the larger side. I actually can't even fit in the pants that the 34R came with, but the 36R pants fit good. 
My Fall 2015 Lazio came in today. I can't decide between these two sizes.    34R                 36R             Suggestions would be much appreciated
  Just bought these off ebay for only $120. Brand new 1st quality, was discounted because it was a display shoe. Anyways, does anyone know what color they are? They look like 5855 bourbon calf, but I could be wrong. What can I do to darken them if I wanted to?
Nice, I am looking for a Navy suit too. Will wait to see what they offer in their Fall collection!
Sale on right now 25% off $300+ 30% off $500+ , including Allen Edmonds.
  Would this belt work in formal situations or for business attire?    I've rocked this belt casual smart with dress shirt and dress pants, but never before in a suit. 
Shell costs $700 at CM! Allen Edmonds retail here in Canada starting at $400. I hope they go on sale.
Thoughts on the Allen Edmonds offered this season?
Gentlemen, I am looking to buy a versatile navy suit. What are some popular fits for someone that's 5'6 150lbs?
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