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I have the same problem - the fit is too big on me. I would suggest that you don't shrink it at all.  Shameless plug: I have a new Navy Mariner in size 38 for sale if anyone is interested. http://www.styleforum.net/t/514802/north-sea-clothing-the-mariner-shawl-sweater-sz-38/0_100
What do you think about these casual Grey Nubuck shoes?   
Would the Sienna suit be good for interviews and networking events? Does the soft shoulders and ticket pocket make the suit less conservative?  
Thanks for the advice everyone. Going to do more lower back stretches at the gym now.
Model #:P3911, great colour as it is the closest you can get to navy    What cuts are better for an athletic build? Napoli? Sienna?
I'm standing straight. I have an athletic build, so my thighs and arse are on the larger side. I actually can't even fit in the pants that the 34R came with, but the 36R pants fit good. 
My Fall 2015 Lazio came in today. I can't decide between these two sizes.    34R                 36R             Suggestions would be much appreciated
  Just bought these off ebay for only $120. Brand new 1st quality, was discounted because it was a display shoe. Anyways, does anyone know what color they are? They look like 5855 bourbon calf, but I could be wrong. What can I do to darken them if I wanted to?
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