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Can anyone comment on the Legend Last / F fitting. I'm getting conflicting advice with sizing, some say to go a half-size down from your TTS so US 8 = UK 7.5 ---> UK 7. Others have said to go 2 sizes down to UK 6 since its a big boot. I wear 8 US in most shoes.   The particular model im interested in is the Loake Mitchum chealsea boot.    Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  I really like the outfit that this model is wearing. Could someone possibly ID what type of clothes he's wearing?    Looks like: -Military style jacket -Band collar shirt -Navy blazer -Corduroy pants -Sneakers
Interested in the Rivet Chinos. Would someone be so kind as to provide me with the back rise measurements for the Rivet chinos in size 30. Thanks!
@LA Guy Wow, I didn't know that Porter fans started Headporter! I recently had the chance to get my hands on a Porter "Tanker" briefcase and a Headporter briefcase. Both bags are more or less exactly the same in design and materials. However, the Headporter briefcase was the better bag because it was simply more practical as it had more pockets. For instance, the HP has a mesh pocket and  little pocket on the side. I keep my headphones in the mesh pocket, while I keep...
oops double post
 A little bit
Based on my current shoe collection, which colour dress belt should I go for? Caramel or Chocolate?   I'm leaning toward the Caramel, but I think this picture better represents what it looks like in real life.
SOLD! Thanks SF
Just want to give everyone a head's up that Kent Wang has partnered with Unidays to offer students 15% off their purchases. Its too bad that Unidays does not support Canadian students! 
Just wondering, but the leather dress belts seem really shiny. Are they more matte in actuality?
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