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Just want to give everyone a head's up that Kent Wang has partnered with Unidays to offer students 15% off their purchases. Its too bad that Unidays does not support Canadian students! 
Just wondering, but the leather dress belts seem really shiny. Are they more matte in actuality?
From the Engineered Garments F/W 2012 Collection   "The firefighter style belt has a release lever built into the clasp making it that much easier to drop your pants in crucial moments."   Solid brass buckle that will age beautifully  Perfect for 32 inch waist size  1.25 inches wide  .75 cm thick  Condition 9/10  Made in England   Like many of you, I have an expensive wardrobe so I'm keen on taking tremendous care of my goods. All my leather goods including my...
I have the same problem - the fit is too big on me. I would suggest that you don't shrink it at all.  Shameless plug: I have a new Navy Mariner in size 38 for sale if anyone is interested. http://www.styleforum.net/t/514802/north-sea-clothing-the-mariner-shawl-sweater-sz-38/0_100
What do you think about these casual Grey Nubuck shoes?   
Would the Sienna suit be good for interviews and networking events? Does the soft shoulders and ticket pocket make the suit less conservative?  
Thanks for the advice everyone. Going to do more lower back stretches at the gym now.
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