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Deez nuts or anyone with the rigid denim railman cap ... I will pay $200 PayPal .
Does anyone have this hat / willing to sell .... Rigid denim railman cap
 Ranch Fit is for Women.
That jacket looks great! What is the style called? It loooks like the gamblers jacket without the Buffalo buttons. Where did you pick it up.
Looking for the new style RRL shoebags made of canvas. Looking for a large size that can fit cowboy boots. Anyone wants to sell one u can pm me with the length and width.
Yeah thats the one im looking for in a XL. I know im a lil late by about 100 Pages of posts. But I saw one on ebay for about $500 a couple weeks ago and have been kicking my self ever since for passing up on it. Thanks Dave SFU for the info im going to give that store a call I looked on the website and it wasnt posted so maybe I will have more luck over the phone. That jacket looks sweet and the buttons are really unique. If anyone desides they want to sell the one they...
Looking to buy a RRL gamblers Jacket in XL
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