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Thanks for the info. Doing some searching it sounds like many people say mink oil is not good for shoes, but folks still rave about Saphir Reno being such a great product. A lot of conflicting info and it doesn't look like there is any definitive research on the topic. Either way it looks like VSC is a much better deal in terms of price to performance.
Is the recommended Venetian Shoe Cream essentially the same thing as Saphir Renovateur?
I assume he's referring to the natural trench oxford aka the plain toe blucher. FYI to the person who asked: They are coming out with non-vibram soled PTBs for this fall. Someone linked an article in the thread not long ago.
This post here claims they are. Must be the lighting.
 That's much more green than I expected after seeing this picture earlier in the thread. 
I'm toying with 2 make-ups at the moment. Any suggestions particularly on the first one? In some pictures the Olive looks like a darker version of the Natural and in others I've seen make it look more green. I definitely don't want the latter.   4 eye ranger moc Either Natural or Dark Olive Tan thread Antique brass eyelets Chestnut laces Natural midsole Either RLH Natural Crepe or Montello Minilug   2 eye boat shoe Parisian Blue Tan thread Brass eyelets Light...
Thanks for clearing it up!
Thanks a lot for the info. I'll probably stick with the 32 slim and see what happens. I backed the blueXblack instead of getting the 3sixteen shadow selvedge120x, so hopefully this works out.
Looking for suggestions. My ideal fit is probably somewhere between the slim and the straight. Really I'd need 11.25" thigh, 8-8.25" knee and 7.5-7.75" leg opening. I'm torn between going 32 slim or 31 straight and get it slightly tapered. I guess I'm just concerned about how narrow the leg opening is on the slims. If I go straight, at least I know I can slim it down however I need (at added cost). Also, for what it's worth I am 5'5" so I'd be chopping 3-4" at the hem.
Also, I was told that the Parisian Blue 'should' be available for custom orders the week of 4/14.
New Posts  All Forums: