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Wow. Navy is simply dominating all the other colors in the wallet funding. I backed both the vertical and passport wallets in navy, but I'm thinking about switching the passport to cognac. The picture with the navy passport in the cognac holder is what has me considering it.   I'm probably going to try to switch my portfolio from cognac to navy. I think the navy is more understated, which would be better for my office. I could potentially end up with the soft brief,...
Maybe a stupid question. Really you should just get what you like... But does anyone have thoughts on getting the same color brief and portfolio? I finally officially backed the navy soft brief and now I'm debating color for a portfolio. I think by itself navy would look great while being unique but not be too 'loud'. While the cognac looks fantastic, I think it might be too much for my office. Mocha is good as well, just not sure it would be my preference as a portfolio....
I've been on the fence between a couple combinations mainly because I don't really want to have them be an identical match.   Navy brief + Mocha portfolio Navy brief + Cognac portfolio Mocha brief + Navy portfolio   The only thing keeping me from the navy brief is a topic brought up earlier in the thread about whether it would be too "matchy" with blue office wear (navy pants, blue shirts, navy suits). The consensus seemed to be that it was not be a concern.
Thanks for the info.... Definitely starting to lean toward backing your brief based on these responses to the size.
Thanks for the insight. I'm really just debating between this Linjer soft brief and the Lotuff below. As the prices stand Linjer would save a cool $280. Granted I've never handled either. 
Any thoughts on making a slightly wider version of the soft brief? Maybe with bound edges like the one from Frank Clegg & Lotuff. It may be too similar to what you've got, but something more like 4" would have been ideal to me. That in navy and a burgundy portfolio.
First of two pairs I've been waiting on. Boat shoe in Parisian blue with honey boat sole. I'm really liking the color.        
 Sent you a PM. I ordered around 4/7. Went with the following combo: 2-eye Boat ShoeParisian BlueTan ThreadShiny Brass EyeletsHoney Boat SoleChestnut Laces
I was told a while back that it would be available around 4/14. However, I never saw it on the custom tool on the website. I did place an order for a Parisian Blue boat shoe through Portland Dry Goods with and estimated ship date of something like 5/2. Not sure if it's still on track for that date or not.
This post here claims they are. Must be the lighting.
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