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A little late, but I just did Austria-California (GRZ-FRA-SFO) and enjoyed the long haul flight more than other trips to the US.  The main reason is that the direct flight is usually the best option (still expensive, ~$1.5k).  Boston, New York, Philly and Atlanta have all been a bit screwy for me, often flying through the exact wrong airport on the east coast.    But $300?  I want to know who you are flying.  
Was there someone on this thread that was picking up damaged Harris tweed for projects or something?  If so, let me know.  
Picked up a Biatelli mukka express, some junk, and this fun jacket   [[SPOILER]]
Picked up this diffusion line thing today.  N/A          
Holy Shit things blew up over the weekend.  Saw Vicuna and then Leica...  I did find some suits, but with later realized the jackets are unvented, almost a bit silly looking, and the grey has two small holes on the inside.  I'll probably post some stuff to the trade thread later. [[SPOILER]]
^ I would appreciate it, as long as it's not a hassle.   Edit: 80002 get
 I got about that far, wasn't sure if it was more like LRL or RRL.  I couldn't find any mention of that particular line.  But it does seem to be towards the "uniforms" end of the spectrum
  Those are my college colors, I am seriously flip-flopping.  My size too.  
Pick this up to wear this fall.   Looking some info from the japanese designer/sw peeps about this line.Google/ebay don't seem very informative, but it seems well made and sort of "fashion-y." Let me know if it's just the stafford of tokyo  [[SPOILER]]
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