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Was there someone on this thread that was picking up damaged Harris tweed for projects or something?  If so, let me know.  
Picked up a Biatelli mukka express, some junk, and this fun jacket   [[SPOILER]]
Picked up this diffusion line thing today.  N/A          
Holy Shit things blew up over the weekend.  Saw Vicuna and then Leica...  I did find some suits, but with later realized the jackets are unvented, almost a bit silly looking, and the grey has two small holes on the inside.  I'll probably post some stuff to the trade thread later. [[SPOILER]]
^ I would appreciate it, as long as it's not a hassle.   Edit: 80002 get
 I got about that far, wasn't sure if it was more like LRL or RRL.  I couldn't find any mention of that particular line.  But it does seem to be towards the "uniforms" end of the spectrum
  Those are my college colors, I am seriously flip-flopping.  My size too.  
Pick this up to wear this fall.   Looking some info from the japanese designer/sw peeps about this line.Google/ebay don't seem very informative, but it seems well made and sort of "fashion-y." Let me know if it's just the stafford of tokyo  [[SPOILER]]
Picked up some stuff to wear for the end of the summer. (edit:NA for now) A 2nd pair of Drivers and (2013 summer?) Gant/MB.        This is what I'm looking for yes?
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