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Matching ties to your suits and shirts   While matching ties to your suits and shirts can be exhilarating for many, for others, it can be a cumbersome process.  A large part of why I founded The Dark Knot was to help men dress better by largely helping them avoid the confusion regarding mixing and matching of clothes.  Please view our online store, where a filter on the left hand side allows one to choose ties based on matching suits and shirts!! (bottom of the filter)....
Thank you for having perused through our site Gauss17.  We currently do not offer custom made ties as a service, but can look into providing 3.5 inch width ties to the market in the future.   Are there any specific type of designs and colors that you would be interested in for this specific width?
How to assess the quality of a tie   One of our recent blog posts - assessing the quality of a tie:   http://www.thedarkknot.com/blogs/suitupdressup/16082709-how-to-assess-the-quality-of-a-tie​   Would love to hear any feedback that you may have!
Thank you Murlsquirl!  Appreciate the gesture!
Ties for Spring Season   Here are some of our favorite ties at The Dark Knot for the upcoming Spring Season!   Dartmouth Abstract Blue Brookfield Abstract Lilac Brookline Plaid Blue
Matching Ties to a Checkered Shirt   Here at The Dark Knot, a strong component of our brand philosophy is geared towards helping gentlemen dress better.  Given the increased popularity of checkered shirts in recent years, I thought it would be relevant to create a post regarding mixing and matching of ties to a checkered shirt.     As is generally the case in general with matching ties to suits and shirts, matching ties to a checkered shirt involves seeking out two...
Thank you Gyasih!  Appreciate the sentiment!
Here are pictures of our various collections:   Abstracts     Animal Prints     Solids   Stripes   Luxury Line 'The Haute Collection'   Premium Line 'The Edition Collection'
Brand Overview The Dark Knot (http://www.thedarkknot.com) carries 100% handmade silk ties that encapsulate the finest quality along with the full customer experience.  Our collection of ties spans over 100 unique designs, each hand made from high quality silk and interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton to ensure that perfect, dimple infused knot everytime.    Our ties span across a range of designs, over both woven and printed silk, including: Solids, Stripes,...
I'm sorry, no wolverine vs buckeye threads on this forum!  
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