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I'm sorry, no wolverine vs buckeye threads on this forum!  
That tie and shoe color combination of red and burgundy work perfectly with that suit!
Great combination.  Love the pattern mixing and matching!
A plaid grey jacket with a deep purple tie is a dapper look for the Winter Season! Especially given that you hail from Wolverine State!
@laniceman completely agreed!
Elegant and dapper combination.  Neutral colored socks with brown shoes look fantastic!
Great combination.  Love the shades of blue and grey complementing the brown shoes.  Dapper.
Olive green and brown is a great combination! Very Dapper.
Definitely sounds very sloppy.  I agree.  If we don't tuck the skinny end in, then where do we draw the line with the rest of our attire? 
Great ensemble!  Love the color and texture coordination with the corduroy jacket, vest, tie and pocket square, with Fall / Winter season colors to compliment (burgundy vest and brownish shoes).  Great stuff!
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