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A Linen Suit can work really well in the summer, especially if you throw in a colorful linen tie or a madras cotton.  Those colors can work really well during spring / summer months.  Another alternative that could work but may throw people in Greece off is the Seersucker!  Nothing like a well thought out Seersucker suit for a summer wedding, with an animal print motif tie!  Feel free to check out a blog post I have written about dressing up for Summer...
In general, wider spread collars are best suited by a half or full Windsor.  For taller, skinny guys, this would be a great option as it reduces your vertical lines and makes you look broader.  Four in hand knots go better with a pointed, narrower spread collar, and would look best on guys who are shorter and or on the slightly heavier side, as it has the effect of reducing your horizontal lines.
I actually think that this is a perfect transition into the Fall, with a knitted tie and a light brown jacket!  Looks great!
 This is the perfect Fall look both with the choice of fabrics and colors  I love it.
 Pulling off a fairly intricate shirt on an intricate tie is not easy.  Hats off to you!!  You've managed to use the width of the stripes on the tie to great effect against a small checkered shirt pattern.
 This is done very well.  Love the Pink University Regimental Striped tie against that shirt and Tweed Jacket, and the pocket square provides a beautiful finishing touch.  Great job!
 This is a great monochromatic look!  And the use of different textures and patterns is fantastic!
 Looks like you need alterations to bring in chest and possibly neck size.
 I would call it a half break
  Hey Mark,   After looking through various options, I would have to say that the Drake tie looks best, in terms of both quality and dimensions.  The other options are much thinner ties, and you want to avoid the hipster look on a friend's wedding day.  The Drake tie is approx. 8 cm which is about 3 1/4 inches, right in line with what is trending these days.  I would, however, go for more of a reddish brown / burgundy look given that autumn / fall season is approaching,...
New Posts  All Forums: