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Pretty tough to pull of that level of detail and you've pulled it off!  Patterns, proportions, colors and textures along with the accessories work really well together.  Impressive.
Single Breasted Vest under the suit looks great!
Beautifully done with knitted tie against a small checkered shirt and houndstooth jacket.  Fit is perfect!
Agree that the jacket sleeve length could be slightly shorter.  The tie, shirt and pocket square combination are great!  Loving the fabric / texture variation between the shirt, tie and pocket square.
This Plaid Jacket with Olive Green Tie and Pocket Square looks very dapper!  Great combination, and the pants are well fitted.
1.  A single breasted, peak lapel suit will look great if you are of taller and slimmer build, as a peak lapel would accentuate that.  Otherwise, notch lapels would work just fine. The double breasted waistcoat looks really good, and I think its fashion forward to have an under layer that's double breasted and outer layer that's single breasted, as long as the color scheme jives. 2.  Spread collar would definitely look really good, as long as you're wearing your necktie...
I think it can largely vary based on the location.  If it is an outdoor wedding, a pastel colored tie could work well with a white pocket square (only because the boutonierre is pastel colored also).  If the wedding is indoors, a darker colored tie such as the one that you suggested could work.  I think either way the white pocket square would work.  You can find suggestions on how to dress for a wedding at our...
I think that you have thought about this correctly. The second one would definitely provide more pop as its darker.  And frankly, the texture on the second one looks more intricate as well.
A Navy Knitted Tie against a Pink Shirt would look very dapper!
I would go with the Navy Herringbone.  Seems to work year round, like a traditional navy blazer!
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