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Willing to negotiate on price to avoid eBay
Still for sale. I will ship Worldwide if you pay the difference in shipping.
Unfortunately I bought a size too small. These have only been (attempted to be) worn 4-5 times, so they are in great condition. I will apply mink oil to them before shipping if requested.   SIZE 10.5 D PICS HERE: http://imgur.com/a/FXFip   Price is 200$ shipped anywhere in the US.
that's what I was thinking and afraid of. Really not sure what would look good with my hairline. it's incredibly frustrating. :(   patrick gave me some ideas, but i'm still not sure.
I liked his hair in crazy, stupid, love.    think I would be able to do that with my hair? linked it a page back. (high hairline w/ a widows peak )
this. :)
  The strongest barbell clubs in the world do have max effort days, and don't max out every week.
I just wanted to see what people think I should do with my hair as far as a cut and taking care of it. It's pretty dry/dead looking and my hairline is weird/receding(?).    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8018234/bb/awful.jpg
Can any professional/someone passionate about hair help me privately?  I need some advice.    Please send me a private message if you would be kind enough.
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