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Love the tie!
My first time posting on this thread looking forward to the feedback.  I apologize for the poor quality photos.                                      
      Received my Navy Blazer today and very happy with the purchase, I have included a couple of photos and will add one of me wearing it soon
    Wow incredible find!
Hello everyone my name is John and I have a clothing addiction, 47M USA, longtime lurker of the forum just joined today.  Thanks to this forum I have had a regime change in my wardrobe.  I have replaced the old stand bys with Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni, Borrelli and Isaia to name a few.  I am not rich by any means so I shop for the sales but I prefer to pay more for something that is well made and will last.   Look forward to hanging out here and learning even more.
New here but have been lurking on the forum for a while.  The forum has been a great educational tool for me as a result I have had a regime change in my wardrobe and I am posting here because this morning I bought a Sartoria Partenopea navy blazer from Morigi Milano.  After reading the comments here and quality of the Satoria line I did a search at eBay.  He was very patient answered all my questions about fit and can not wait to receive it. 
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