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Dammit, since the new comment pulled this up into current topics, I ignored the dates on the first few posts and thought pstoller had returned. haha, oh well...
Quote: The reason why people are especially dissastified with Shaq's performance is that it was just against Ben Wallace. He usually gets double teamed, and so we expected him to just dominate the games. Just Ben Wallace?. Have you seen the ups on the boy? He's a two-time Defensive Player of the Year, and he's one of only 4 players in NBA history to lead the league in rebounds the same year he leads in blocks. The others? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill...
Can we maybe put a limit on number and size of images that members include in posts? Or at least let me suggest to anyone listening that -- when posting an image -- reduce the size if it's of gargantuan proportions... especially when it's mostly blank space...
Quote: I've also lived in Manhattan, Vermont, Rhode Island, Idaho, and Missouri (hmmm...seems I've just elected Manhattan to statehood). I'll second. Manhattan and the other four boroughs have a larger population than any of the states you mentioned. Seems like a fair enough classification to me.
Eric, If you haven't already -- you might want to speak to your father about some of the things brought up in this discussion. Mainly that you "recycle" your clothes money and remember to stash some away in savings. I don't think he can argue with that. I know you said the main problem was his confusion of why you are buying the clothes. Perhaps you could give the analogy of Legos and Hotwheels. When you were a child, these things were a part of you. Personally, I...
Hey, ya never know, maybe some people chose to null their votes to get a peek at how others were voting .
Maybe j could expand the limit to messages we can have in our inboxes and outboxes. Mine seems to be working fine; granted, I don't have near the number you have.
Finally, a poll where I can be sure of my answer... at least for another few years.
Just doing my part, Quill. I've gotten help from these guys plenty of times, myself. And I'm sure I'll need advice/suggestions in the future.
Shoreman80, You mentioned ties a couple of times in your post. If you own the tie that's featured in your avatar, I want it. Just thought you should know. Don't have a clue what I'd pair it with... just love the look of it.
New Posts  All Forums: