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No colored socks with shorts. It makes people look like goobers. Or college professors (no offense to those in academia, just my observation). Ankle socks -- for athletic events.
Quote: These blonde haired, blue eyed storm troopers will do all the pod people's bidding.  They will eliminate all the close minded, unintellegent people in the world, making mankind a perfect species. Crap. I'm screwed.
The increased traffic could create a lot more work for J and Steve. Though, each one will have to say how he feels about that factor. If we do decide to spread the word, I think we need to put some type of membership selection in place before we "advertise." Your recommendation of sponsoring new members seems like a good idea to me. I think that would -- for the most part -- eliminate the worry about any immature teenagers with idle hands (and minds).
I'm sorry something I did was perceived as me acting unintelligently, but you have to understand that a lot of this... almost all of this... seems a little out there, if you will.
I almost did the same thing earlier this summer.  Luckily, I was shopping at a store in town, so I didn't have to worry about shipping or anything.  While I was trying on suits, I found one that I loved.  I asked the store owner if I could take it home "on approval."  He had me fill out some information and let me have it for the afternoon.  When I got home, I looked through my closet and found my new suit's twin.  I took it back to the store, explained what...
Quote: Please: be very careful not to make judgements in what you read before you find out the facts. Just because something may seem strange and way out, it doesn't mean that it is. lt is all the more reason to check things out. Don't be like NavyStyles who just laughs and nods his head: keep an open mind, be intelligent and check out the research, scientific testing and studies. ... P.S.S: sorry about the large pictures; they do serve an important purpose...
Quote: I did think Emeka Okafor (from UConn to the Charlotte Bobcats at No. 2) looked quite put-together, relatively. I haven't mastered image posting yet, so check out this pic. Maybe that should be another incentive for those early-entry prospects to go to college. UCONN Basketball: Gain experience; learn how to dress.
Quote: (And I love the fact that I finally got my haliaaetus leucocephalus - that's "bald eagle" - to show up on my avatar)   Loving the pic, Quill... err, uh, Screaming Eagle. I vote for it to stay -- no matter how you progress physically. HRHAndrew, You didn't miss too much. Just some bizarre stuff from marc39 or 37. His member picture post will explain it all.
Quote: Huh?? Where is this place? Bradford Sometimes, it's better to just smile and nod...
Quote: Looks like I've got enough great ideas from this board to last for ten more birthdays. So I'll be back in 2014 to stock up on a new round of ideas. Perhaps, we should tag it as HOF, so we can quickly check back when birthdays for everyone else's significant others roll around... And, hopefully, by 2014 I'll have a significant other .
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