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I missed the one on July 20. As for this one, I had no idea there was such a thing as "push up" skivvies... I think I could've lived without ever discovering it.
Quill, Good point about Moore's pale skin. That wouldn't really fit Sophie's French heritage. And, I thought the picture was a nice one -- glad you enjoyed. Just paying tribute to the divine feminine. I googled Marceau and think she'd fit the role quite nicely (maybe you do have something going for casting).
Quote: It's against my religion to pay for movies. Where do I sign up?
I've been seeing the commercials off and on, and I'm still not quite sure what to think. It does look kind of funny, but I don't have a clue what to expect. I just had a friend tell me it was the best movie she had seen all summer. Though, she didn't elaborate, so that's all I can give you for now.
Speaking of shoes, I've been meaning to say that I like the ones featured in your signature. New purchase?
I prefer side vents, but most of my suits have center vents. Take what you can get...
Quote: Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all week, remember to tip your waiters and waitresses. Jon. What meal would you recommend I try during my stay? haha... okay, sorry, I'll stop pulling this away from the topic.
Those are some beautiful scarves, Jonathan. I especially like the first one on the middle row (with what appears to be a paisley pattern) and the center one on the bottom row (with the mostly blue tones).
I see about a half-and-half split between messenger bags and backpacks. I think you can find certain types of both that have extra compartments for laptops (I know this to be true in backpacks; I think there are some mess. bags in the same fashion). If you do decide a separate laptop bag is the way to go, I would recommend a true backpack. Either way; congrats, good luck, and have fun.
Quill,    I, too, am quite late in reading The Da Vinci Code.  I have wanted to read it since Christmas and finally picked it up two days ago and was about to type a post in the same manner you did.  I'm a little over one-third of the way through the story right now, and it's great.  I love that I'm learning a lot of things from it, as well.  Even phi, which was a subtopic of a past post, gets mentioned.  I had heard that this was mentioned in the book and was...
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