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Quote: Lana is just wool in Italian. Thanks. I thought so, but I didn't want to presume anything. Well, I guess I'll be good to go in getting the paisley print: 100% wool, made in Italy.
What type of wool is the paisley print? Is it softer or coarser? I have sensitive skin -- especially my neck, but I've had no problems with a scarf labeled "Lana Wool." I'm kind of looking into the future right now (planning Junior Year Abroad in London), so I'd like to get another scarf. If you'd prefer, PM or e-mail me. Thanks.
Where might one be able to find other works?
CTGuy, I view government officials as carrying out public service, not establishing a career. When people elect politicians, they send them to Washington (or Baton Rouge) with their interests in mind. As the politician spends more and more time in the capital city, he/she becomes more removed from grassroots issues and more involved with lobbyists. Besides, it's always refreshing to get new ideas. By having guidelines, instead of specific term limits, voters get a...
I scored a 17; I get to join the ranks of the soft-core members. Vero, I like your thinking about exercising term caps. Louisiana's governorship is set up so that candidates can serve as many terms as the citizens elect them, but they must do so in two 4-year term increments. Basically, you can serve your eight years, go back into private life, and eventually return to public service as long as a full 4-yr term (served by someone else) has passed. I've always liked...
I've heard about these recently. I tried to find out a little bit about them, but their website is still under construction. I'd also like to know something about them if anyone can help.
I missed the one on July 20. As for this one, I had no idea there was such a thing as "push up" skivvies... I think I could've lived without ever discovering it.
Quote: We want, but we don't want to give - collectively - to make it happen. It's a pity that the average voter doesn't really think about this. Some of the first people who would stand up and scream at the government for not doing enough to help the less fortunate are some of the last people who would voluntarily send their earnings that way. Bill O'Reilly -- while interviewing/debating Ben Affleck -- mentioned an option on Massachusetts income tax...
Quill, Good point about Moore's pale skin. That wouldn't really fit Sophie's French heritage. And, I thought the picture was a nice one -- glad you enjoyed. Just paying tribute to the divine feminine. I googled Marceau and think she'd fit the role quite nicely (maybe you do have something going for casting).
Quote: It's against my religion to pay for movies. Where do I sign up?
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