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Thank you, Lawyer. You pegged me right-- I am indeed in high school. Yes I try to find that nice medium, and so far I'm faring well. Most guys respect it. And my my, the ladies love it. Ain't life great? Oh yeah, I won't go over the top with the clothes (I attended a Catholic school from kindergarten to 8th grade. I know how a lot of those people act, and I never want to relate myself to that characteristic). I hate it when people take themselves too seriously. It really...
Sorry j. I was hoping you were familiar with Key Club. Anyway, the members come from all walks of life. From those that could buy the club to those who can hardly afford to pay the annual dues. As for conservative/ liberal, from my personal observations about my home club, it harbors both. So I guess I'd like to impress both. Everyone loves good fashion, eh? I guess would you just suggest something that impressed you from a Presidential Election. I am a bit conservative,...
Michael, Thanks for the well-wishes. J, The club is Key Club (a service organization affiliated with Kiwanis). Yeah the suits fit me. The grey needs some altering, but that's no biggie. Looking forward to replies. Thanks.
Gentleman,     In a little more than a month, I'll be running a campaign at a Club District Convention. The dress is coat and tie, and I'll be wearing a suit for as many days as my wardrobe permits.    During the campaign, I'll be caucusing. Which means I go to the different rooms where each division is and allow them to ask questions or make me do anything within the bounds of good (and legal) humor. I am seeking an endorsement (after which I will move on to the...
Sand paper. haha, it's funny what we go through. It does work. Just be sure to get the "peaks" of the creases as j said. Hope the process works for you.
Thanks fellas, haha, Europe's Finest. I'd go with shout in case you are ever in my predicament; j and parsonsdb both suggested it. I should've thought about that. My ex-girlfriend always had shout wipes in her purse. ahh, crazy females. And j, thank you for the site link. They had a technique for everything. It was most impressive. I was tempted to spill a tomato-based substance on myself just to try it.
You know that chili queso dip or whatever at Chili's? Yeah, good stuff. Until you spill it on your khakis. Yes that'd be me, the man who tried to consume a rather large tostada chip smothered in the queso dip. So any suggestions on applying something before washing? Thanks.
I've always been taught that you can never be too overdressed. It's better to go over than to miss by a bit. Of course, I can see how this would be a problem in intimidating your client (not a good thing). So when you get dressed for a meeting of some sort, keep in mind whom you will encounter.
Good Evening gentlemen. How are you? Hope it's a lovely day wherever you are. Anyway, I'm running for office of International Trustee in Key Club. Tonight, I'm meeting with the incumbent. It will be a casual dinner (boiled crawfish... mmmmm). Any tips on how to present myself ? His support would greatly improve my chances of election. He won't be able to run again, so he shouldn't mind supporting me. I'm just wondering any tips on what to wear? I suppose you could call...
WOW. Look at what sleep deprivation will do. I mean the icon to the LEFT of a post. not the right (there's nothing there) haha. I should take a nap. -CWS
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