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I think it's safe to say that most Forum members would be flattered to fall under the label of "Renaissance Man."  Also, I think an important part of earning that label is having a little bit of knowledge about food.    Soooo, following those two notions, I thought it might be nice to start a thread where members could post favorite recipes (ingredients, cooking instructions, servings, and all).  Of course, feel free to include any recipe -- not just your favorite --...
Quote: The avatar is my doing. I am leaving the posts as I don't know how to get rid of them and it would disrupt the flow of many threads to have them disappear. Plus some of them are definitely funny. Yeah, I'm glad the posts are staying. I haven't thoroughly checked the Forum in a couple of days, and I get to come back to this post, which is far more entertaining than anything on TV right now.
I've always liked Tom Cruise and his fashion (which may be fairly obvious from my avatar), so I might be biased; however, I didn't find his attire utterly deplorable. Granted, I personally wouldn't have buttoned the top button, but I'll like it slide this once.
The hairstyles are similar. Apparently, Cruise is wearing a wig in the movie. Apart from the cut of the hair, both characters are suit-wearing gun slingers.
hahaha, yeah, I felt a little guilty for trying to respond to the original. Hopefully, the art community will forgive me.
Jonathan, Very funny post. Thanks for letting us get some of Mr. Barry's insight.
Quote: Lana is just wool in Italian. Thanks. I thought so, but I didn't want to presume anything. Well, I guess I'll be good to go in getting the paisley print: 100% wool, made in Italy.
What type of wool is the paisley print? Is it softer or coarser? I have sensitive skin -- especially my neck, but I've had no problems with a scarf labeled "Lana Wool." I'm kind of looking into the future right now (planning Junior Year Abroad in London), so I'd like to get another scarf. If you'd prefer, PM or e-mail me. Thanks.
Where might one be able to find other works?
I've heard about these recently. I tried to find out a little bit about them, but their website is still under construction. I'd also like to know something about them if anyone can help.
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