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Alright, I know I'm way late in joining this discussion, but I hope I can ease my way back into good standing with the Forum. I haven't been giving myself enough downtime to waste on the internet as I would like, so let's hope that starts back up. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than... RED HOT RED SOX.. 4 games in a row. Freakin' beautiful -- only way to describe that. Goodbye curse. I didn't think about this until reading an article on the game,...
Got an e-mail from J, so I hastily left the GQ Forum.
If I may ask, where do Floridians go during hurricane evacuations.  Over here, you'll find the entire population of southern Louisiana moves to the central and northern parts of the state.  My family always makes a trip to my grandparents' house when forces of nature zero in on us. On a side note, I never really thought about the possibility of looters -- never heard of any cases either.  Maybe I've been missing something?
I'm absolutely in love with Keira Knightley, who makes me melt. Rachael Leigh Cook is really cute. I've also always adored Cameron Diaz, especially in The Mask.
Quote: J Folds No big deal.  Quite obviousely a shill and I dont think that this guy is trying to hide it. You can tell from the one time posters. JJF Wow. I haven't checked the "What are you Wearing" thread in a long time. Maybe I should; that's so transparent. Obviously, the most integral part of how you dress is your wallet. I hope he wasn't trying to disguise it; otherwise, they might need a new guy.
Quote: ...those skinny ties that are all the rage now.  I'm just too conservative to wear them.   I was pondering those skinny ties the other day. I just don't think I could pull 'em off. What might be the best situation to wear one? Just kind of curious, really.
Jonathan,    Thanks for your help with my purchase.  The paisley print scarf was delivered today.  It's great.  The wool is extremely soft, which is very important for me.  I appreciate you helping me out along the way -- and I appreciate that 10% Forum members discount (hint hint), haha.  Thanks again.  You get my stamp of approval.
Bradford, I tried searching the Forum from the beginning for a recipe post, because I figured -- over the course of our history -- someone had to have started a thread, but I didn't find anything. Quote: Chicken Cacciatore Mmmmmmmmm. Please do pull out your recipes. Versace, Thanks for clearing up why Bradford and I couldn't find what we wanted.
Thanks for the interest, guys.  Here's my recent favorite. Eldorado Beef Casserole  1 pound ground round  1 Tablespoon minced onion (add more to taste)  1 tsp. garlic salt  2 (8 ounce) cans tomato sauce  1 cup sliced black olives  1 cup sour cream  1 cup small curd cottage cheese  4 whole canned chilies (to be chopped)  1 pound Monterey Jack cheese, shredded  1 pkg. (medium size) tortilla chips    Brown meat (drain if necessary).  Add...
Quote: Its like straight out of a thriller..."He hunted down all those that ever did him wrong and..." Revenge of the Kalra  (Scroll all the way to the bottom of page one) Coming soon to a theater near you... I think I'll wait for the video...
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