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To be honest the black End Hunting are hard to beat.  Apart from that rogue brass eyelet     Marc.
This is what I like: But I'm not sure how blue it is.  It looks quite nice and subtle but I have a feeling it's a lot brighter in real life.   Marc.
Yes I have heard about him and he has an excellent reputation.  But I don't think he does them without them being MTO.  In fact from what I have heard all Trickers 'longwing' shoes are MTO. They just don't stock them.  Which is a shame, as I think they are bloody nice shoes.   Thanks for your reply, Marc. 
Hi all,   This is my first post,  but I been hanging around here for a while, reading.  I have a question if you don't mind.  Does anyone know the best places to get a pair of  Trickers 'longwing' shoes?  I know Pediwear have the Birkdale which I like a lot.  I am thinking like the End Hunting black one's.  More smart casual rather than suit shoes.   They must also be stock if possible as I cannot afford the £180 premium for MTO.   Thank you all,   Marc.
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