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Hi Steve7,   Would you mind telling me how The Sanders (McNairy's) compare to your Trickers?   I have just bought a pair of Sanders but have never owned a pair of Trickers.  I am very curious to know.   Thanks,   Marc. 
Thanks for your reply,   The way I look at it they are extremely well made shoes, look great and are very comfortable. £220 or £250 with Mark McNairy stamped inside. But I had a discount code and paid £167 delivered. I just couldn't resist.   Marc.
Yeah I love the Ridgeway.  Just perfect for a country brogue, just a little more than a Dainite (stud) but not as heavy as a commando.  For your Information I spoke to Pediwear and they tell me it is 100% made in England, nothing is made abroad.  I just struggled to justify double the money for a pair of Trickers.  But I'm not ruling out a pair in the future.   Marc.
Guy's I have to ask, I know this is a Trickers thread, but have you had any experience with Sanders?  I was about to buy a pair of Trickers long wings,but decided to get these:     Sorry about the big picture.  Anyway they are superb, very well built and come with the Ridgeway sole, which fits nicely between a dainite sole and the commando soul.     Just wanted to know your thoughts.   Thanks, Marc.
Even though I am out for now, I too, would like to thank you, Marcellionheart for your time.     Marc.
I'm afraid you will have to count me out on this on,  Just not enough funds yet.  I'm sorry guys, really sorry   Marc.
Any comments on the Sanders?   Marc.
I know this is a Trickers thread, but I have to ask.  What do people think about Sanders Jude?  They are very much along the same lines but cheaper.  
Yes that would be my preferred choice just like the End clothing (without the brass eyelet).   I like you have not tried on a 4444 last.  In fact I have never tried on a pair of Trickers  So I am going to find a shop next week!   Marc.
TBH I can't think of anything I would change.  Maybe a 91 last as I think it's a little slimmer.   But I have nothing against the way the 4444 looks.   Marc.
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