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Little update on my new smoke jumpers.  Natural cxl.  10", Worn every day for about two months working construction.  I was a little worried about how the cxl would hold up but they are by far my favorite pair of Whites so far!  
Sorry these pics are in some crappy light but here you go      
Sure, what kind of pics would you like?  I'll try to take more in the morning.  I'm not sure on the price, I just ordered through Bakers website.  I've never had a smokejumper with a liner but man these feel so nice.  So glad I got the liner.  
Here are the build specs  
Nope, natural cxl.  I do have a pair of smokejumpers in distressed smooth though
Looks like I placed this order on 9/23
Little teaser...two new pairs of SmokeJumpers came in today.  I'll try to get some better pics up asap          
Just put in a new order with Bakers!  Now the waiting begins!  
Original soles but they are close to shot
Saddle soap to clean them when they get really bad.  Obenaufs LP every few months
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