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Just put in a new order with Bakers!  Now the waiting begins!  
Original soles but they are close to shot
Saddle soap to clean them when they get really bad.  Obenaufs LP every few months
A quick update on my SmokeJumpers.  Build date 5/12, worn almost every day for work, construction, welding, etc.      
For all my boots, I toss the leather laces and go with paracord.  You can find 50ft rolls of it at hardware stores for ~$10 and you can make the laces whatever length you want.  It also comes in just about any color you could want.
 Where at in Denver?  I didnt know there were any Whites dealers around here
 When I sent my tracings/measurements in to Bakers, they gave me a size that was way different from my usual size of workboots.  So he shipped out a couple pairs of semidress' to let me get a feel for which one felt best.  Once I decided on a size, I sent the pairs back to him and got on with my custom order.  Worth a shot to email Kyle at Bakers, he's great to work with
 Great looking SJs.  Any pics of your last pair?  Would love to see how they held up over 20 years!
 These are incredible, would love to see an update on how they've worn 
Does anyone actually use their Whites for real work?  My daily work boots, custom SmokeJumpers  
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