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Do you guys know what international shipping options have reliable tracking that doesn't stop in the US? I know there's Priority medium and large flat rate boxes and express mail, but are there any others? Trying to see if there's a cheaper option for shipping a 4 lb box.
Lol he's just advertising his own listing.
Brand new, with tags Edwin ED-55 Red Selvage in tag size 31 x 32. Has a relaxed thigh and very tapered fit, almost like an anti-fit. Very thick 14 oz Japanese raw denim that has only been tried on briefly and stored. I have too many jeans now and need to clean up my closet so I would like to sell this for what I paid. Very hard to come across in the states and is one of the more tapered raw denim I have found   Measurements: Waist (unaligned): 17" Front...
Gitman's sizing is pretty inconsistent so it'll vary from shirt to shirt. Maybe ask the retailer for measurements for the specific shirt?
Well it is technically illegal to mark it as gift, so it is up to you if you are willing to do so. Just make sure if you're planning to insure the package, declare the full amount. I say this because some buyers also ask sellers to undervalue the item to avoid customs fees and you'll only be covered for the amount you declared if something happens to the package.
You could use the Priority large flat rate box which is 60.95 but at that price, you could opt to go with Express Mail International with your own packaging to make them happier and it could be cheaper too. Use to check postage rates and for non-flat rate options, it is cheaper to buy postage online.
final drops on fw12 archives. black hi tops in 41 for 210 still left.
Brand new, unworn Wings + Horns military twill tanker pants in black from FW12. Recently bought this but sized down one too much so I am looking to trade for a size 31 or sell this for what I bought it for. Really would like to trade, as they are really nice pants. They seem to be sold out everywhere now so my price is firm and includes shipping CONUS (please add 3% for paypal fees). Add $8 for Canada and $13 elsewhere.       Measurements: Waist: 16" Front...
Ya'll are worrying me. I should probably start videotaping myself 
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