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Is there an ETA on the zug snowdon?
In that case I will go ahead and confirm. I really want a pair of these boots. A second run is getting very uncertain, which makes me nervous...
Yes please, would be happy to order.
Please add me to the list. - waterproof grain - full bellows or normal, either ok - speed hooks - commando sole - faux cap toe - no lining
Very pleased to see that Pepe labels it an E-width last for us slightly wider footed individuals. I hope it doesn't turn out too elongated, like the 348 which is, after a year in action, just too long IMHO... more in favor of the TG73 shown.   I sized downed on my Northcote boots (from my usual 8 UK to 7½ UK). Here it is compared to (from left to right): C&J Northcote 348 last, C&J Westfield 341 last, Meermin Ama last and the museum calf on the Olfe...
This got buried a bit..Yay or nay?
Thrifted this grey herringbone suit yesterday for around 15 bucks, Pretty pleased with it, because I was about to pull the trigger for my next MTM with a similar fabric. Maker unknown, it only says Swiss fabric on the inside.  Trousers legs need to get slimmed, 19.5" leg opening feels awkward... not sure about the jacket, might have it taken in a bit too.               Sorry, couldn't get the spoiler thingy to work
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