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  I love Kiton but decided to try Sartoria Partenopea after meeting the owners and head tailor. They were very nice chaps and very professional. Compared to Kiiton, they have the same Neapolitan cut with the soft unpadded shoulder but probably less selection of fine cloths. I was introduced to them by an Italian friend who also introduced me to Kiton may years ago. So I am giving them a try and see how it goes.   By the way, I noticed you are looking for Kiton. Pls have a...
Both are very nice! What is the fabric? Thank you.
Very nice! I hope the weather gets cooler soon :)
Thank you. This is very encouraging! I think I may be moving in the opposite direction, from Kiton to Partenopea, which js a major move as all my suits, jackets and shirts are Kiton. I will receive my trial shirt by the end of the month and decide.
Yes, correct. So to rephrase, my preference is for unpadded roped shoulders. It takes a good tailor to do it...
Just a note, not entirely relevant to the thread. I find the use of supplements to be of equal importance for nice looking hair. There are so many out there but the active incredient in most of them is zinc. The rest is marketing bs.
So probably washing and coditioning is your "shampooing".
**** PRICE DROP***** Gents i want to close this listing: $249
****** PRICE DROP ****** Gents, I want to sell and close the listing: $ 199 only!
**** PRICE DROP ***** Gents, I want to close this listing. So I am offering all four ties for $129 plus shipping! I think this is giveaway bargain price for four Errmenegildo Zegna business wardrobe ties.
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