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Still interested in an about 47 qdr, dr or moto preferably in black
Good point. Without any fit pics lying around, I usually wear raw jeans, boots and occasionally a leather jacket.All I really want is a 100% cotton, slim fit, well constructed shirt that can be worn in about every situation, even the dressed up Michael Kors style if need be
Hello everyone, Usually I only lurk on SF, but I have a question. After trying many different shirts, I have not found a definitive, well-rounded t shirt that can be worn regularly, made well, and in tasteful colors. I have looked at everything from James Perse to Calvin Klein and American Apparel, but they are all slightly off in either fit, construction, or lack of colors. So I was wondering what the experienced people turn to in this situation.
Still on the search, technical bump
Looking for a ToJ moto, black preferred, just about any type of leather in a 47. Small customizations are nice also, such as long sleeves or any taper All offers considered, will go above in price if needed
Looking for a toj moto in black our brown, preferably calf skin. Make an offer, I will pay well for a 47 size in the traditional moto cut
Actually I am interested, but one potentially noob question Can you take the hem out of pants? If the inseams were 34 I would shoot you an offer
This is exactly one of my greatest fears in life, and a reason why I am trying to get into entrepreneurship and building my own business so much. There is a ton to learn, and it seems like you have figured out that you will not get very far working under someone else so they can instead be the one who gets far.Also, this thread has been great. Any other suggestions for a Psych major with business experience to get going?
Now I want a pair of the Momotaro. Definitely go for them Quick question- If your normal size is 31, how much should you size down? If they shrink 2" and stretch back out 1", size down 1 for best fit right?
Might as well be social also. I am new to the forum, but am a longtime Redditor and spend a lot of time on MFA also, if any of you have been there. Besides the specifics, I am from Austin originally and am learning the ways of being a denim aficionado after acquiring a couple pairs of Naked and Famous and a pair of Nudies a while back, spoiling my taste. Now I am unable to wear some of my old clothing as a result, for better and worse. Also my shoe collection has expanded...
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